Title: the (Non)City of Beijing - Code: 115b9
Contest: Beijing / 2014
By: Dushyant Asher - Saurabh Barde - Dhruv Raja - Sudaksh Nigotiya

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the (Non)City of Beijing



The utopian social reality is accepted as the next step of human evolution in which egalitarianism governs the decision making of evolving the human into a self sustaining entity. An obsolete condition is constantly generated by the changing configurations of a city. This condition of non purpose in the city of Beijing results in physicality in flux. Physicality of Beijing consists of networked components of discreet qualities, which in its changing configurations allow for growing opportunities in the city network. The condition is achieved by the invariable components and ideology which governs the constitution of the city. Beijing grows as a city at the centre of being a world power. The advanced city is distinguished with respect to the advanced usage pattern. The conventional type of life no longer is valid and prevalent. New standards of existence are habituated in order to maximise convention. The circumstances have created a need to be closer to amenities and social facilities in tangible or implicit forms. Beijing has evolved and the human has evolved. Nature no longer is the destiny of humans and the natural “cycles”. China has a history of uprising which has transformed or restricted the ability of humans to evolve naturally. The “Great Leap Forward” had pushed the youth to bring the hideous rural into the mainstream agenda of progressive and urbanised existence. The rapid industrialisation and transformation form agrarian economy brought tribulations like the great famine. The past generations have witnessed another uprising which has radically transformed the existence of the present generation and the city of Beijing. The Communist government’s decision to change the human with implanting the self sustaining biotechnology in the human bodies is with the apparition to eradicate the disparity amongst the populace. The agenda that had been undertaken by ‘communist’ China has resulted in this induced Metaphysical change of pattern of the Human evolution. The evolution of human into an equated identity is byproduct of this analogy to establish a developed organism. Human as now is not only homogeneous in biological existence but also eco socially even handed. The city is evolving its character with evolved Inserio-sapiens`, resulting in resolving the ambiguity of the human’s materialist ambitions. The Evolution as defined by Jean-Baptiste Lamarck, proposes a theory that the organisms became transformed by their efforts to respond to the demands of their environment. The demands of the environment are governed by the state of establishments and the mannerism of the administration. The decisions that define the analogy between evolution and existence are considered to be the epitome of a mindset called Communism. The Communist Heroics have facilitated genetic mutation due to the advanced biotech procedures has driven Homo sapiens to move out of the food chain. With the intensions achieved, the relevance of the Heroics and mannerism of Communism is now only a delusion of existence which reminds the populace of by gone era. The Clouds of triumph signifying the purity and social equality still dominate the skies of present and future. Beijing no longer speaks of its past or the legacy it had once cherished and embarked on an ambitious journey to dominate the world. It scarcely remembers the era of once being a dominant world power under Communist China. The Global City Beijing is a scheme of Inserio-sapiens equalising the social conditions of life and life possession. It truly signifies the global city dimensions and capacity of mature inhabitants. Beijing the ideal city growing with intend of equality amongst its inhabitants. It is made to evolve in a manner that the scenario formulates with a background of amalgamation the societal and substantial existence and attenuate the individual (identity). The physic is mutated to be what the ideology proposes. The embedded chlorophyll on the skin now has pushed the human into a situation where he desires sunlight and consumes water to produce enough energy to energise his organs and personal devices. It amplifies the physical ability to perform, but still maintains the cycle of day and night with its dependency on the sun. The configuration has marginalised his needs for acquisitive wants and now has provoked satisfaction. Technological advancement of the communication systems and an un-interrupted mobile production of energy with himself, allows the human to become independent of the physical city network. This as a result diminishes the purpose of the physicality of a city. The Non-city is ubiquitous and transparent, extending to anywhere connected to the network. In contrast with its predecessors, the Non-city lacks references to the formal basis of the city. It is therefore located in a parallel stratus, disconnected from its surroundings and hyper-linked to the rest of the cities that make it up. The condition of ‘Non-City’ arising from the non purpose of its components dissolves the identity of Beijing and its legacy, transforming it into a Global City.


Title: the (Non)City of Beijing

Time: 29 settembre 2014
Category: Beijing
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