Title: If you can have it all - Code: 1B6GH8
Contest: Venice / 2011
By: A. Baryla / A. Kozerska / U. Ghosh

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If you can have it all

Like an imploding star that’s about to become a black hole, Venice is coming close to reaching it’s critical mass. Assuming that the number of visiting travellers is constantly increasing, soon there will not be enough Venice for them all.  The travel mecca of Venice needs to reach a new level. What could possibly match the awesomeness of Venice? Only the other most awesome tourist destinations of the world! What if you could see Venice, New York, Louvre and Rio de Janerio – all in one place? The World in Venice! A new parallel universe. Yet another reason to go to Venice! Why choose, when you can have it all!

Emerging virtual realities, globalization and mass customization are dramatically changing the world.  The traditional collective spaces need to integrate themselves with the arising media society. You no longer need to go to Louvre to know it’s collection. It is waiting to be downloaded from their website  in any place. Most of us know the looks of the streets of Las vegas , though, though not many had chance to visit them. It’s all there, on google, on blogs on youtube, on facebook, in movies, in pictures and stories.

We un-zip the World in Venice.

An open  and flexible system of underground passages connects sightseeing destinations of Venice. It can be expanded to a new underwater alternative city or kept only between the main sights. It generates profit, adds to the city value and in the future could possibly be a pontoon for the sinking city.

Step into the gates of a new Venice, an expanding universe.

-       Oh the romantic Venice!  The beauty, the history, the buildings, the canals!  The little narrow streets leading you confusingly from a point to a point.

-       Could anything be more awesome?

-       Only seeing Tokio on the way!

-       Sure! From San Marco we should go to Rialto Market and see Bangkok!

-        Yes! We’ll come back along the Grand Canal to our hotel in Mumbai.

-       Awesome!



Title: If you can have it all

Time: 7 giugno 2011
Category: Venice
Views: 3282 Likes: 0

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