Title: If people were to choose a vision for their city - Code: 1HM5C2
Contest: Venice / 2011
By: E. Cenci / L. Botros Riad / M. C. Salvini / F. Fioretti / E. Niccoli / R. Nieddu / M. Polo / R. Santambrogio / A. Tarquini

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If people were to choose a vision for their city


If people were to choose a vision for their city, the result would be an endless number of urban marvels. Ideas to be collected in an archive, with citizens picking their favourite ones. Here comes the idea: an iPad app through which creating personal representations of Venice. The icons set on the graphic interface would allow to customize multiple fields. Architecture, Sky, Water and above all to insert devices and ideas for sustainability (“Eco”). By acting on the Architecture, users can add to the real landscape of Venice, what could-have-been-done. Wright’s façade, Le Corbusier’s hospital in Piazzale Roma, Kahn’s Congress Hall, plus other archistar-projects. Users could also include their own projects and also add trees, bushes, etc.

With the Sky and Water options users can build dreamlike visions of Venice, with coloured skies and the lagoon turned into a grassland.

Eco allows to enrich the urban pattern with eco-friendly elements, which can represent a revolution for the ancient skyline of the city.

A visionary Venice over the real city, with the utopias of Wright, Moebius and even the exotic, nostalgic mood of Hugo Pratt combined together. It’s in this framework that the core of our project is set. A floating drive-in theatre where the Fiat 500 (here pictured as eco-friendly and fuelled by renewable power) stares at the oneiric Venice, where echoes of Fellini and Casanova still resound.

These infinite combinations make us think on what means Venice today and to all the stories invented and developed around it, some ideas turned into reality, some not. One aim: understand Venice better. Moreover, by analyzing what the users have chosen on their iPads, city managers and marketing researchers have a chance to figure out what are the dreams and needs of citizens, tourists, city users, and how they would love to see Venice like.

Venice-the-way-you-want-it. Now affordable for everyone.


Title: If people were to choose a vision for their city

Time: 7 giugno 2011
Category: Venice
Views: 3068 Likes: 2

Tags: Architecture , Congress Hall , Fiat 500 , Hugo Pratt , IPad , Kahn , Piazzale Roma , Venice