Title: Augmented Beijing - Code: 24176
Contest: Beijing / 2014

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Greg Lynn 9
Ai Weiwei 5
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Augmented Beijing



Avoiding any obvious urban evolution, this concept explore the consequences of the extreme social technology addiction on Beijing. A new competing environment is rising from digital revolution, an ambient almighty detached from physical obstacles. Because of its artificial nature, it’s every time changeable. Human can reach any information without delay time, and the physical distance vanishing makes space suddenly useless. Simultaneously, the last demographic increasing forced China to accelerate building system, reaching construction time fast as never before.
A drone-evolved form of 3d printing will take place, offering cheaper method for temporary condition. In 2050 Chinese demographic progress will reach its peach and together with almost deadly CO2 air-concentration, will bring Beijing’s contractors to start a humongous Tower-like printed structure, on the ruins of old skyscrapers, in order to solve the dramatic over-congestion. Kowloon walled-city example will lead to adopt a basic curve extrusion, where the floor configuration would be adapted case by case, reaching a complete random arrangement. Every part will be made of the same material: an organic paste derived by ultrafemic rocks, capable of ,(capturing co2 from the air. The promiscuous conditions of such a collective solution, will be disguised by the digital augmentation of the architecture. Hidden sensors and cameras would provides the tower with a symbiotic system that let people interact with a virtual world where everyone can build their own vision. This emergency strategy would become permanent for many who would be attracted by the perverse possibility of everything. Because of the over-layering of individual worlds detached from the physical reality, interior configuration and material appearance will be meaningless. A chaotic sequence of vaults would host different ambient simulation according to their dimension. Followed by largest cities, the Augmented Beijing will expand itself around the planet, creating a network where architecture works as ethereal gate. Entering one hub means to access to Beijing as well as to enter the original one. Eventually a form of ubiquitous urbanism.
A self centered way of living rise up allowed by the technological revolution. No more devices and visual interfaces: the whole real/unreal experience is mediated by a futuristic fabric that filters inputs and outputs from the sensor grid. Without surgery, men are finally able to become what they desire to be. Each vision has its own protagonist and accessory figures: some of them are real, some are projected from others hubs, some others are Fictional. These distinctions are impossible to notice except to the controlling networks eyes. Spoiled by the chance of everything, mankind starts to regress to an epicurean society, where actions are driven by animalistic pleasures. People indeed adapt their self to the omnipresent “space-like-cavern” reconsidering their primitive roots.


Title: Augmented Beijing

Time: 29 settembre 2014
Category: Beijing
Views: 4069 Likes: 0

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