Title: Life will break you - Code: 335a6
Contest: Beijing / 2014
By: Claudia Di Giuseppe - Riccardo Porreca - Giulia Taraschi - Luca Iagnemma

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Greg Lynn 8
Ai Weiwei 4
Sou Fujimoto 3
Eric de Broches des Combes 3


Life will break you



Life will break you The city is only for free men. The city is made for men who have connection. Social connection. Economic connection. Both of them permanent. In two different spaces there will be two different worlds into two separate time lines. There will be a global city that will evolve according to patterns of social evolution and hybridization based on passions, joys, sorrows, anger, disgust, surprise, malice, opportunism, exploitation, allergies, intolerances, perfidy, meanness, cruelty, resentment, apathy, sloth, lost dignity, anime and animals stray and global hunger and fat. There also will be a “Superior” city which is the result of interbreeding of bio mechanical technology destined to die over a period of a thousand years. The extremely autonomous and sustainability envelope implies a capacity to regenerate by subterranean way. The domes of protection will be characterized by micro climate artificial. The “Domes” cities will find the roots in the ground and it will use the unique, infinite and constant energy: the geothermal heat. An initial scan of the ordinary life cycle defines the time consumed and consumerist. The second scan announces the cyclical rhythm highlighted by the persistence of the morphological structure of perfect situations, technologically advanced, devoid of emotions and passions. The choice of the elements illuminates the bristling and wild aspect of the city below and the unflappable and technological aspect of the upper city. The desire of the purity from every stain or contamination makes the “Inferior” city far away from maleficent artifice. While the “Inferior” city will have the entire world extension, the “Superior” City consists of domes of seventy hectare per a thousand inhabitants. In the future: How will we move? There will be money yet? How many will we be? There will be hate? Into the dome there will be a few people. Into the dome there will be only a thousand citizens. All the rest is not our concern. Into the dome there isn’t money Into the dome nothing is buying and salling. There is only the exchange. There is only the exchange of knowledge, free and shared exchange. All the rest is not our concern. Into the dome there will not eat. Into the dome it will eat only through the basal metabolism. All the rest is not our concern. All the relationship will be divided into two parts: two major classes. Into the dome there will be only love. All the rest is not our concern. Into the dome they will live one thousand years. All the rest is not our concern…. until they don’t break the domes. Until the survivors of “Inferior”city will not organize and they will attack. The evolution will end up when the domes will end and the knowledge will be lost only in that moment. Only now the survivors of “Inferior”city will come back to see the light. Light from the cavern, the roots of the domes.


Title: Life will break you

Time: 29 settembre 2014
Category: Beijing
Views: 2162 Likes: 1

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