Title: Beijing bubbles - Code: 37561
Contest: Beijing / 2014
By: massimilianoravida - Sara Davieri

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Greg Lynn 3
Ai Weiwei 4
Sou Fujimoto 3
Eric de Broches des Combes 5


Beijing bubbles



The population was forced for months to a strict confinement, coming out only at night and going back to the dawn of the ‘sunrise in the tunnels dug into the earth to escape the sun grew daily more damaging. The seas dried up and continued to blaze fire destroying all forms of life. The atmosphere was getting thinner and breathing it was hard. February 29, 2068. In the centre of Beijing, the first bubble was born, it was very small at the beginning, but in a little over a month, grew until to absorb the entire perimeter of the Forbidden City. A few weeks later the bubble became thicker to be able to shield the sun’s rays. The internal temperature was stable and the atmosphere was back to normal. It became a microcosm, the Forbidden City has never been so alive. The inhabitants could see the light of day, the hidden seeds in the earth reborn, new shoots sprouting on every corner. Everyone wanted to see the bubble. Three months later, surprisingly, the first bubble started to multiply, giving rise to another equal bubble, three months later the bubbles became four, eight then sixteen; one year later (March 1, 2069) the sixteen bubbles continued to multiply. The first bubbles aroused much curiosity, the very composition of the membrane formed by organisms similar to organic surfactants amazed by the extraordinary ability to regenerate. Studies done on the bubbles come from those on the surface tension and the minimal surfaces that had already been applied in the world of architecture through the studies of Richard Buckminster Fuller and Frei Otto; but, for the first time, were used microorganisms to compose the structure. The microorganisms that made the bubbles came from a genetic modification due to the adaptation to the characteristics of the planet. They were self-sufficient and absorbed solar energy to trigger the cell multiplication. The proximity of the bubbles allowed the microorganism to pass from one to the other. The city began to expand vertically, overlapping bubbles allowed to have the city at various levels giving rise to new ways of exploring the urban space. The birth of the layered city, has generated complex paths and new visual relationships by allowing the evolution of the concept of space. The inhabitants of the city have evolved by absorbing new technology that allowed him to communicate, discover, search, and remember. They have special tattoos that, through a grid of sensitive points around the body, allowing to access to unlimited information and use them without any device. The tattoo absorb the technology and sharpens the senses, allow you to see at night and see additional information in augmented reality mode; their ears can hear the voice of the speaker by filtering out the noise, listen to music or silence. Tattoos make men free from technological artifacts.


Title: Beijing bubbles

Time: 29 settembre 2014
Category: Beijing
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