Title: re-evolution - Code: 3a787
Contest: Beijing / 2014
By: vera.autilio - Ilaria Bernardi - Gianfranco Latorraca - Eva Garcia Pasqual - Manuela Nardulli

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Since 1949 China has been choosing revolution instead of evolution. The rational consciousness that characterized the world run by the west capitalist economies has been long ago replaced by the intuitive one that is now the base of the new GlobalJing. This shift has not occurred gradually or naturally, at one point Beijing citizens decided to recover the things they have lost with the first revolution, so they exercised their will and realized a re-evolution. The scientific progress allows people to manage the technology, like an open source software installed on the daily life. Thanks to this, the relationship between man and nature has evolved to a new level of harmony. Now people can choose the shape of their cities, without worries about environmental sustainability: they decide to follow the Feng Shui rules. to give again value to the proportion and the position of things and winds. Then the ancestral plan of the Imperial City, immersed in a perfect “artificial” landscape, is the source code replicated or expanded to build the new city. People dwell the landscape they produce, using nature as constructing material and turning the needs of the city into the resources of the nature. They cultivate their cities and harvest their houses. They use water lanes to move and the bellies of mountains  to protect themselves in case of storms. The ‘’Novus Homo’’ represents the image of the perfect coalescence  between the ‘’Man of Science ‘’ and the ‘’Man of Philosophy’’. He consecrates most of his day to cultivate the city that rewards him with an excellent social life. The New Jing is indeed famous for having developed a system of total inclusion, where sharing and participation are the base of the society, where monarchic or oligarchic systems come in succession without meaning of democracy or totalitarianism, where economy is not based on goods, but on ideas, and art of copy is taken in big consideration. The industrial production has been naturally abandoned for the open source self determined one. Thanks to its technology, the Feng Shui City is a perfect system, autonomous , sustainable and biodegradable. Hence once it achieves the optimum dimension, it is up to  repeat itself like a seal without generating any offense to the ambient.


Title: re-evolution

Time: 29 settembre 2014
Category: Beijing
Views: 2264 Likes: 4

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