Title: DES!EARTH - Code: 7c9ea
Contest: Beijing / 2014

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Greg Lynn 6
Ai Weiwei 5
Sou Fujimoto 3
Eric de Broches des Combes 6





The fear about the end of the world has always been with the human being, and now we’re really close to get extinct. The earth is coming to and end because of the climate change. Only a few oasis remain from the hole civilization, and we focussed on Beijing. On the other hand we’ve achieved the goal of creating perfect copies of us; no more robots or machines, our technology has reached the highest level of all history, and we can create now our own specie. A huge dilema appears in front of us. ¿Should we create ourselves to keep living on earth or stop doing it and get extinct? Light or shadow, peace or war. The future is in our hands, but for sure we wont reached if we keep divided. The end’s countdown forced us to save the cities that were closed to dissapear, and we could save some parts and keep it as satellites. But those parts of cities needed a support base so we took a piece of city and raised it to the clouds. The hole that those pieces left were filled with parks and lakes, to keep the oxigen level. The function of the ballon is keeping the satellites up in the air as filter the light coming from the sun. Now the moment of ethic decision is here, and we must decide; make ourselves as products and live or dont do it, and die.



Time: 29 settembre 2014
Category: Beijing
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