Title: Opening the Walls - Code: 8518a
Contest: Beijing / 2014
By: Linetto Basilone - Richie Ongteco

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Greg Lynn 3
Ai Weiwei 7
Sou Fujimoto 3
Eric de Broches des Combes 3


Opening the Walls



Kaijing is nowadays a synonym for success. Over five decades after WWIII, the city once called Beijing has gone through a radical change. Its population has been substantially reduced through delocalisation. Its energy is being produced through photosynthetic and geothermic means. Concrete and other obsolete construction materials have been abolished. Its rhythms have been restored to human standards. Because of those improvements, Kaijing stands out in the whole Earth and its extraterrestrial colonies. However, the perfect formula for its success also contains the words memory, community and tradition. And those concepts are still wholly visible in its core, the Open City -once paradoxically known as Forbidden City- Kaijing’s forum and center of social and political life. The catalysing force of the social change was the horizontal intellectual growth, possible through education. Illiteracy was finally defeated in 2020. It paved the way to the development of intellectual freedom and altruism, both indispensable for the rise of a new sense of community not based on classism and ownership. The demographic decrement was not the result of any constrictive measure. It was achieved through the programmatic urban and social development of the whole nation. The gradual urban development was followed by spontaneous migration in the newly developed areas, where new jobs, new housing facilities and new infrastructures were available. Another reason for Kaijing’s demographic decongestion and depopulation was the nationwide implementation of information-technological facilities encouraging remote working, while discouraging daily commuting. This was a consequence of technological development in the primary and secondary economic sectors, namely agriculture and industry. Technological development also resulted in the use of alternative and sustainable energy sources, mainly focused on solar and geothermic energy. At the same time, biochemical research designed a series of zero-impact materials and construction techniques derived from the implementation of local traditional construction techniques. Those changes resulted in a drastic reduction of atmospheric pollution, in the obliteration of fossil and nuclear energy sources. Ecological restoration was achieved also through a 10-year nationwide ecologic plan consisting in the systematic selection and plantation of indigenous fauna and flora in complete accordance to the natural balance of the ecosystem, and the implementation of the water management system. The effective implementation of the above mentioned development strategies was possible through the total cooperation among people, and their absolute belief in the possibility of social change. Kaijing today, stands as a tangible, speckless example and idol for humanity. Kaijing has heard our forefathers’ call for salvation and set the foundation for humanity’s future.


Title: Opening the Walls

Time: 29 settembre 2014
Category: Beijing
Views: 1710 Likes: 0

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