Title: Farm Cultural Seeder - Code: 9U5RD2
Contest: PFFF / 2012
By: A. Cutrale, D. Giuffrida, D. Patanè, K. Stracquadanio

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Farm Cultural Seeder

The Farm Cultural Seeder flies in search of a land to conquer.

When a chemical reaction transforms the surface of the conquered, it contracts, penetrates leaving out one of its seeds ready to embark on another long journey, continuing to fly against the current space until it finds a new land to be fertilized, and so the process repeats itself.

When it enters, it loses its vital functions, gets rid of his skin and muscle tissue, and then depositing its skeleton.

Its journey stop here delivering the genetic package marked by many seeds/art, seeds/culture, seeds/music within the structure where they will develop and grow.

The concept of organic form evokes an incubator of works which fecundates spaces that the Farm Cultural Seeder occupies. The space is configured as a porous bone structure that communicates and absorbs its context.

The project is configured as a store of works, music, communication and reception.

A single large space enclosed by a lattice irregular organism with multiple functions that will host as time goes by.

The pavilion covers an area of 50 square meters and is designed to hold about 30 people, the maximum height at the widest opening (width 6.00 m) is 5.00 m, while the minimum height calculated in the vicinity of smaller opening (width 1.20 m) is 2.10 m. The tubular structure is constant and measuring 0.70 m to ensure proper static.

The anchorage to ground is the use sand bags placed inside a perimetrical pocket at the base of the inflatable perimeter obtained in order to ensure stability. The stiffness of the structure is provided through the tie rods placed at one third of the total height and placed at the intersections between the tubular section of the pavilion and that of the outer wings, which are also anchored to the ground with sandbags.

The technical aspect refers to the type of inflatable with cold air: PVC resin structure of pressure 550g – Class 1 Fire Retardant opaque white in colour and hot seams which inflate through the use of a centrifugal motor 220V. The centre cap cover is welded to the outer surface of the structure and is made of the same colour and material described above and extends to the points of intersection between the roof and the exterior bracing, leaving open the holes below.

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Title: Farm Cultural Seeder

Time: 25 gennaio 2012
Category: PFFF
Views: 2418 Likes: 0

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