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New York beyond Manhattan. …

NY=M+Bm Introduction. New York beyond Manhattan. … Walking along the streets of New York, it is difficult, or even impossible, to meet an New Yorker who lives in Manhattan. People can say: “I come from the Queens”, ” I come from the Bronx”, “I live in Brooklyn”. Usually, New York is associated to the image of Manhattan, by ignoring the presence of other four boroughs like Brooklyn, Queens, The Bronx, Staten Island), and also the close relationship with the State of New Jersey.

Past In the last century, New York has got the title for being occidental, art, fashion capital and also of world economy. And Manhattan, that is a throbbing heart, has got the task of welcoming most of international events by forming and adapting, continuously, to the requests of external users. The opposite is happened in other boroughs where the obligatory need of local services has forced particular areas of Queens and Brooklyn, like Bushwick, to admit an only residential value or, in some cases, also industrial, like Williamsburg and Dumbo (Brooklyn).

Present Nowadays, especially industrial areas are undergoing a change of a more important use destination by establishing an own identity, not always definite, everywhere. Some disused structures become new local services, mainly of cultural nature. By summarizing, we can say that while Manhattan replies to global needs, New York Beyond Manhattan works to satisfy real needs of New York’s people.

Future Manhattan The future of New York will be in boroughs beyond Manhattan, especially. Manhattan will continue to be the center of international events. It will have the structure of a museum open air and it will present an infrastructural stratification between past (blocks) and future (grid), facilitating the distinction in different levels (green grids, driveway grids, public and private) and to preserve itself symbolically it will be closed into a protective display case. There will be a “migration” of permanent residences of New Yorker people beyond Manhattan that will welcome only provisional residences of touristic and working nature.

Beyond Manhattan The movement of residences and, in general, the local evolutions of other boroughs will involve an expansion-aggression process of the earth on the water. If Manhattan developed upward, on the contrary Beyond Manhattan will develop downward; if Manhattan will be the symbol of a global culture, on the contrary Beyond Manhattan will be the union of little identities and local cultures that from below, in obscurity, have been and will be the sap of an old past and a next future.





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Title: New York beyond Manhattan. …

Time: 13 giugno 2012
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