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Contest: Rome / 2010
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 CITYGReEN, a possible future vision of the city, is a concept applicable to any country. By using solar and eolic power, the city reduces its CO2 emis­sions via the use of natural sources such as sun and wind. With the in­troduction of efficiency improvements and enhancement of public transport, hydrogen and electric vehicles keep the city free from traffic and pollution. This allows the creation of pede­strian and green areas.


The city of Rome, like every great world metropolis, has the problem of traffic, pollution, large CO2 emissions and public transportation schedules do not ensure timely and efficient. The idea is a “green” and sustainable vision, where the use of natural sources that create energy for free, roof gardens and parks, incorporate the concept of (Re)3 = Reuse – Reduce – Recycle. That’s what will make the city clean and liveable. Nowadays the big cities are struggling for traffic and the excessive pollution and could soon collapse them. Upgrade the city in terms of public transport and sustainability, means making a radical change. The solution is to remove traffic from the centre, strengthen public transport and adopt advanced techniques and sustainable strategies.


The key points of the concept, as mentioned above, are many and include:

CO 2 EMISSIONS: It ‘s the big problem that is destroying the entire planet and also linked to all other key points. To resolve this, it is therefore necessary to solve the other problems with efficient and sustainable strategies.

RECYCLE and REUSE: Recycle and reuse materials, garbage, water, etc.. etc.. is a way to avoid using new resources and then do not waste. This cycle is also a way to avoid producing emissions in the atmosphere.

NATURAL SOURCES OF ENERGY: Air, Water, Sun, Ground are natural sources to be exploited for the production of free energy. Through the use of solar and photovoltaic panels, properly installed on the roofs of homes, provide electricity and hot water from the sun. Wind turbines instead placed on the roofs of houses and in strategic places in the town, also provide electricity to the city.

GREEN ROOF: The flat roof will be converted to roof garden, not only to be reused, but also for sustainable and highly efficient insulation of the building.

GREEN PUBLIC: Expand parks and green areas along the roads is not only beautify the skyline of the city, but also give new oxygen. Where space permits, it is good to add new plants and public parks, creating a true green lung in the heart of the city.

THE HOUSES: The buildings, obviously excluding those of a historical nature, must be retrained with more efficient materials, insulation can keep the apartment warm during winter and cool during summer. A new skin, ventilated facades and adequate insulation, will decrease the demand for electricity and therefore CO2 emissions for the use of heating and cooling. The control of solar radiation by shading, allows better heat gain during winter and prevents overheating during the summer.

PRIVATE TRANSPORT: The biggest problem for large cities is the pollution produced by transport. The idea of CITYGReEn is to eliminate the polluting transport and only restrict the use of electric or hydrogen vehicles. This will create parking lots with the possibility to recharge the batteries or hydrogen refuelling during the stop of the vehicle. To promote the use of “clean” vehicles will be provided bicycle hire.

PUBLIC TRANSPORT: A radical change must be done about public transport. This will be enhanced with the use of electric or hydrogen vehicles. The hours and frequency should be efficient so that people will not wait too long at the stop and the timetable will be 24/7, not only during rush hours. This will encourage citizens to use public transport rather than private. In this way, traffic will be almost zero, so that public transport will not be delayed and will always be on time.

PEDESTRIAN: Minimizing traffic and usage of cars will create many spaces devoted to pedestrians, so you can admire the beauties of the city walking in green areas and not in the smog and pollution as before.


CITYGReN is a concept easily implemented and that could solve major problems that are ruining the beautiful city as Rome. Pollution, traffic and CO2 emissions make the city more gray and not liveable. A GReEN vision, however, bring back the correct visualization of the city, becoming a pole of attraction with a great quality of life, where the concept of sustainability is the key to a new way of life.

 GReEN Vision…Better life.

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