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Contest: Rome / 2010
By: A. Delange / B. Ferrer

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Context and Stakes


Context and Stakes

“The metropolis is entered in an accelerated competition era requiring a stronger economy and added-value, a quality, an identity, some founder events always renewed, some exceptional and identifiable places to make sure of being and remaining more beautiful, more actual and more contemporary than its adversaries.”

Metropolitan Condition

From an economic point of view,Romedoes not occupy a first ranking place.

Even if its history has widely influenced and participated in the development of the western world, its actual role in our contemporary globalized world is considerably reduced.

Today the city ofRome, prisoner of its past, is still looking for itself.

As any inherited metropolis, it has to resolve the equation of the renewal without losing her identity. In order to do so, it has to understand and to seize the specificity of its metropolitan condition.


DoesRomesuffer of its image?


We strongly believe that the projects of increasing the subway network are a big opportunity for the Roman metropolis to find the keys of its own renewal.

Stimulate the metropolitan behaviors of the historic center.

Considering the number of historic places and archeological sites, the Roman public space made sacred by Nolli, seems to have become the only urban space free of a disproportionate protectionism. It’s the ultimate urban element which is not totally congealed in the past, the only one still able of connecting the historic substance with the contemporaneousness of the globalized world.

The flows produced by the subway extension are going to affect the public ground by intensifying the practices appropriate for each situation:

The PIAZA is a place of festivity and celebration where the Romans enjoy to meet.

The Roman VIA is above all a space of discoveries and surprises. The walker becomes an attentive observer, concentrated on the slightest details of the frontages, searching for a new “madona”….

When it doesn’t serve to parade, the CORSO allows to quickly connect the Romans from a point of the city to another one without having to take the maze of vias. The space-time has been shortened and helps people on a rush.

The CORTILE is the sacred place, the internal space of a privileged city. Usually situated in the heart of the most luxurious palaces, once opened to the public it becomes a magnificent space of amenities and preciosity that is essential for a metropolitan that respects itself.

Release and unbridle the potential of the peripheral Roman island.

The neighborhoods that are peripheral to the historic center as an essentially urban complex and diverse. Among them an original and very specific predominates: the island. Its unique structure and its quality of life, proximity, light, adaptability to the topography… Different programs live on an almost symbiotic. This programmatic flexibility as possible of the malleability of its soil which gives it great potential mutability…

The proximity of some islands with the metro can multiply all these qualities so as to foster maximum coeducation, diversity while promoting the possible freeing of ruptures of scale both in terms of programmatic space.

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Title: Context and Stakes

Time: 16 marzo 2010
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