Title: HORSE Town – Beiging - Code: a5404
Contest: Beijing / 2014
By: probetadeprobar - Juan MIguel Gómez - Maria Isabel Gonzalez - Gabriel Esteban Duque QUintero

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HORSE Town – Beiging



Looking global relations in the Chinese urban experience: Beijing is crossed by the same global phenomena as other megalopolis, simplifying the experience by fighting local traditions and encountering the global trends. So we wonder: Can hybrid situations be born from these transcendental and material experiences? Thus, our interest is distant from the physical of the Beijing but then looking forward to establish a network of relationships [R] framed on the fiction of the future of a global city: R1: Beijing in the world of a free market. The city unfolds and develops in the midst of multiple and innumerable, ephemeral, unstable and virtual dynamics where cultural, social and economic exchanges have only one objective and meaning: producing and consuming. R2: China is the second world economy. Everything comes with a label saying “made in China”. The connection between these forms of energy, is are conquering a world increasingly overrun by the Chinese market, which could be called the “workhorse” of the current economy. R3: Beijing multiplies and clones itself in other cities and overseas. Behaves as a “Trojan Horse” that gradually penetrates and timely plural contexts We let the old world reminiscent visitors: Trojan Horse, the figurative mechanism of a conflict between two populations; in our case thousands of games arranged in two forces in the world are emerging: the virtuality of an economy and the form of a mass maquila of another. Beijing becomes the perfect excuse representing this game between the two forces, the urban experience has a network of ports where to land, where the city is moving in thousands of rhythms set by the market. Entering the field of fiction to compose a critical image. Beijing as an Scenario? Look at the sky and imagine that the city is equipped with a mega-structures, with the function of multiple maquilas that match endless and constant commercial demands worldwide. Thus these mega-structures that pose the city indiscriminately, where its location only responds to mass production we will call them HORSE TOWN. Gilles Ivain: “The architecture of tomorrow will be a tool to change current conceptions of time and space It will be a tool to understand and to act”. We can juxtapose this phrase HORSE TOWN and refer with certainty that the owners of the maquilas first realized this formulary for a new urbanism and put it to mass produce, such as a pair of shoes production is now up to the city and everything it affects and what is in turn affected. HORSE TOWN proposes two ideas: the city as an infinite network of things which define the urban experience of global individuals, is the understanding of cross phenomena globally everyday. The death of the traditions and meanings of the structure of the Chinese city [or town]; For this we propose a dystopia which allows us to ask ourselves, if this were to happen could you go to any place and re build there this idea of ??Beijing? History shows that it is possible …


Title: HORSE Town – Beiging

Time: 29 settembre 2014
Category: Beijing
Views: 2700 Likes: 2

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