Title: EARTH - Code: B2H4M9
Contest: NY / 2012
By: M. Moretti - M. Carratelli - N. Giacomino - L. Lunghi - E. Perfetto - L. Pianigiani - L. Pilati

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EARTH is conceived in accordance with Hesiod’s generative theory : Gaea, born by Chaos, is a person, a subject capable of willing, feeling, acting.Gaea brought forth starry Uranus, mountains, seas and trees that, in turn, give birth to the “human”word. NATURE, supports the human growth, and in the meanwhile recovers its own spaces. She offers great chances to mankind , which by arranging that becomes “artifex”. MANKIND, losing control of his actions, allows the NATURE to regain strength and vigor, safeguarding its own destruction, while preserving the temporal simultaneity. The earth’s reality is thus questioned due to his own condition of unlimited resource. Actions and reactions interact and intersect. Living together in one space, Nature and Mankind are compared, often neutralizing each other.

“And When the Children of Israel saw it, They said one to another, It is manna: for They Wist not what it was. And Moses said unto Them, This is the bread which hath Given the … to eat you.”Exodus 16:15

REPORT : NYC_ Monday, 11th September2051 8,45 a.m.

During maintenance of sewers of the National September 11th Memorial and Museum (“Ground Zer0″) Caterpillars have found cracks from which it overflows a viscous fluid of blue color.

12:45 p.m.

Probes reveal that at 150 m depth have been formed huge deposits of this odorless liquid that has the appearance of magma and flows into the underground city. A checkunder a microscope shows the structure of an unknown organic polymer, but flakes are quite confused.

14:45 p.m.

The substance in contact with the air and water is constantly reproduced as a living organism, increasing in volume. Its properties of natural fertilizer seem almost miraculous, but what is amazing is the nutritional value.

Chief Rabbi has compared it to the manna of Exodus. In fact, like the manna each perceives a different flavor than the others: flavors of other foods wished and savored.

Professor Sakurambo, Director of Bioscience Institute, laboratory of Molecular Biology in NYC says that the substance (98,6° F temperature)is completely edible and when industrially produced, could feed the entire planet.

18:45 p.m.

The liquid overflows in city, arranging in layers of sediment. It’s regenerated at an impressive speed in correspondence with its permeable zones. Especially where there are attractive areas which determine the molecular cohesion you may notice small porous cavities.

50 years by the attack that changed the story, a kind of fluid produced by nature, trees and from the earth itself, is covering almost the entire globe. As the bed of a river planned by man, over time returns to nature what was taken away, missing its shape, similarly, nature takes possession of its spaces, even if reclaimed and altered by man. NYC remains unaltered, “hibernated” into a sort of crystallization where men continue to perform their lives, and drawing nourishment from it.

It’s almost amniotic fluid, which overwhelms a New York motionless and originates a new Eden, a future that is rooted in the “present / past.”

Will Nature save Humans?



Title: EARTH

Time: 13 giugno 2012
Category: NY
Views: 2506 Likes: 2

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