Title: New Map for ecological links - Code: C2Q9N7
Contest: NY / 2012
By: D. Pompei - M. Bianchini

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New Map for ecological links

In a near future characterized by adverse climatic conditions for survival (temperature, increase in solar radiation, long periods of drought and scarcity of water supplies), linked to a growing overcrowding of cities, the scenery is at stake is that of metropolitan deserted forced to take refuge underground. In cities like New York, with a high population and building density in system architecture of Philip Johnson, developed only in vertical, will be even more difficult to balance the “underground biosphere.” As an alternative hypothesis underground, aims to spread across the island of New York a “Bio-Mesh” linking buildings old and new, high and low, under one roof, green, sustainable and interconnective.

The issue of compensation in terms of urban environment and then moves the idea of a tent structure, the base of all those processes for improvement of the environment and urban pollution.

A new map of ecological links capable of giving to the city of New York a sustainable biodiversity that aids the development of life through technological devices-environmental scattered throughout the city. The water system, which purifies and stores rain water, the system of green plant regeneration that balances the atmosphere of this future compromise with oxygenation natural, daylight system that shields the strong solar radiation and while stores and converts it into electricity for lighting and needs, and finally the system of ventilation that balances the macroclimate inside the “Bio-Mesh” systems with active/passive exchange and transform wind power into energy.

The combination of air, water, natural light and green, was the center of his being the man as such and the user of the city, no longer bent to those dictates that the city imposes today, environmental pollution, noise, traffic, reduction of green, ……

The citizen will then have the opportunity to experience the ecological links of “Bio-Mesh” through architectural components such as bridges, towers, parks and all that system of services has always incorporated into the city, but with a key environmental and ecological.

The answer to the future is therefore a remodeling of the existing city with architectural and engineering solutions that connect to broaden the green, species at risk in a city like New York.


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Title: New Map for ecological links

Time: 13 giugno 2012
Category: NY
Views: 4460 Likes: 0

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