Title: Venice - Code: D8H2V4
Contest: Venice / 2011
By: K. L. Kong / K. P. Chu / W. C. B. Tsang / C. C. Yau / K. I. Tsui

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hey… I would like to see the rivers today So… Why don’t we talking a trip on the gondola? I would like be nice… Sure! Oh.. Maybe we can spend the whole afternoon in the plaza afterwards…Life is so good to with these… Rivers. Gondolas. Plazas. What else can be in VENICE in the future? Global warming and Raised water level… UNDERWATER? Venetian should not leave their HOME easily even their homes are being flooded. So… Living underwater? Become marine organisms? How to maintain the social life? Where are the connections? Rivers are the original connections in Venice, together with minor pedestrian paths. People can travel from one place to another by these accesses. They can go to the shops to buy daily necessities. They can gather at the plaza to have fun. They can enjoy their amphibious life. When the original accesses are flooded, new accesses are needed.

From rivers to SKY RIVERS: Bridges.

Connections and Communications

New bridges are used. They are the new connections between buildings and different levels. People can go to this point to that point, from lower to higher parts by bridges. The underwater parts will be another story: according to the raising water level, these bridges will be covered and become the underwater streets. Social life can continue and the relationship with water/river is even closer than before. The bridges not only act as a physical linkage, but also as the communication platforms. People may come across with their friends on the bridges and “let’s take a rest here and have a little chat!” Why not?

Tracks in Venice

Alternative Triathlon races can be held in the flooded Venice. Raised water level is suitable for swimming, Jet Ski can substitute the bike and the athletes finally run on the bridges. This race becomes another way to feel Venice and enjoy Venice.

Changing in water level can be an opportunity for modification.

It can be a better Venice.


Title: Venice

Time: 7 giugno 2011
Category: Venice
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