Title: The Damage - Code: D9B3L6
Contest: NY / 2012
By: F. de Souza Silva Rodrigues - J. Jabur Zemella - K. Korich - G. Boacnin Martins

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The Damage

Such as protecting the cities before the age of Christ [BC], there they were its clearly defined limits. Excavations started and remains unclear what will be found. One elderly resident said they could not wait a few more generations, many of them were already fossilized [buildings of course, he says]. Not been for the recent events, we could wait a little longer, but the presence of the possibility of future´s end at present, make us consider another kind of time running in the clocks on top of buildings. On a glance chronometers turn to clocks again and people recover their breath. In a city of invisible production, a great worldwide business hard drive, a physical proposal has no effects on its behavior, the city get used and bypasses, but when the static concrete bodies shows any single movement it clashes.

You may ask why buildings no longer carry the date of its construction above its entrance as in the past, [when they left counting?] exactly for the same reason they keep painting rooftops in vivid green, we are lost and do not believe in the length of time.

Aware about it, we do propose the damage, considering the city as a natural body, with all its inherent properties, the city’s growth will be based on the gain by the loss, like a wound, its recovery generates the restoration of the tissue, but with the gain of mass, the result is a new deformation although with the original core, a predictable scar, thus being able to absorb all the human idiosyncrasy, in a continuous crystallization of their mistakes and successes.

Look again after a couple years, as a society of ants beneath the dust, their organization has been exposed. However, was granted them a few more decades of hard work and achievements.

This is the time, the first facade comes down, they could not be more excited.


Title: The Damage

Time: 13 giugno 2012
Category: NY
Views: 2104 Likes: 8

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