Title: Bio-Nest - Code: df312
Contest: Beijing / 2014
By: Andre Loo - Juan Carlos Zavaleta - Karina Yep - Graciela Puppi

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Greg Lynn 1
Ai Weiwei 6
Sou Fujimoto 3
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The Beijing city that we used to know, does not exist anymore. The radical change of this ancient city is the only one that’s constant. In 2014, this potency land of densified town centers was used to a contaminated and degraded habitat where, beyond physical comfort, was desperately looking for a filter against the change of climate. Thus, as time goes, the capital of China started to have a radical change in all aspects, both physical and technological, which generated an impact on the atmosphere. The air started to pollute drastically, such that it highly surpassed the permissible levels for a human to be able to exist on earth, meaning, the air was not pure anymore. Such increased mortality and decreased birth rates, causing a constant threat to the human species. In addition, the soil was no longer fit for expanding, since the concentration of buildings was increasing. This propyne internal conflicts of coexistence, disease (having as main features individualism, capitalism, egoism, etc..), and the constant struggle to have a place to live put into question the common sense of people hinting the wild side of humanity, all of this, caused multiple diseases caused by multiple pests generated by the population of Beijing. All this formed the resounding collapse of the entire city, waking up the being that inhabits the need for an evolutionary change in civilization, an evolution which could achieve the breaking of the advancement of human decline, a solution to this major problem. Consequently, it became necessary to filter people. There was a process of discussion of ideas that contrasted each other in the end an analogy was found that people are like ants, except disjointed, and should be required major change to the level of ideology, which over time has been changing. So, this new being could reach revenues through underground and lead people into spaces as incubators that will protect against all types of pollution. These allow people to have a time of complete detoxification to cleanse all impurities, which prevent the return process. After purification of the people, go to another stage where incubators may make the process of physiological change. Thus, the complete physical and mental change in people enables them to enter new colonies that are located at a free, all dark layer, where the atmosphere is not contaminated height generated. This new territory would have such a different environment, gravity, consumption, among others. Therefore, the evolutionary process passing Beijing citizens is vital to procreate a new human race, it affects everyone. Indeed, unlike what many migrants had thought, access to incubators were denied and had to create random pathways to the protective field, meaning, it quickly produced the expansion of informal land revenue, causing a mess at home. This led to the activation of a new layer. Furthermore, the identity of the city varied markedly. The food, music, dance, speech, feeling, walking, etc.. were constituted in characteristic features of “past beings” that, while serving as brand identity, was no longer necessary. Colonies watched with suspicion and fear any habit associated with the customs of “old” and reacted with violence against That Other coming to deconstruct the dominant sociocultural system. Now, the most important thing was sub-exist and seek to preserve any natural thing and even the tiniest was precious. In this first phase of migration, cultural forms: the habits of the beings predominated in the public space, while the scientific-research manifested in the private space, restricted, so that today’s world is dangerous and varied. Also, a very palpable effect was the change in the urban geography of the capital. The city was expanding by the margins, this unprecedented wave of migration; new habitats as well as land, air, water, and even began to inhabit areas previously unimaginable without any plan, based solely on the immediate need to build a home to survive originated. Thus, new cities were formed in the air from Beijing, structured by connections linking different colonies created by the new race of human beings. Filters were responsible for the overall cleaning of infected citizens and even preparing to climb to the new colonies by large stake. This large stake sucked water from the water table to the cities, becoming the new hub of activity in the new citizens who not only began to build a new era but who managed to work like ants, as a team, thinking of one common purpose, where the biggest winner was us.


Title: Bio-Nest

Time: 29 settembre 2014
Category: Beijing
Views: 2376 Likes: 0

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