Title: TranSity:Rio de Janeiro::Rio de Janeiro:TranSity - Code: dfa30
Contest: Rio de Janeiro / 2013
By: Alessio Buzzelli - Alessandra Libonati - Marina Galante - Alessandra Ienca

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Alejandro Zaera-Polo 7
Jeffrey Inaba 5
Jeroen Koolhaas 9
Hernan Diaz Alonso 1
Cristiano Toraldo di Francia 8
Pedro Rivera 8


TranSity:Rio de Janeiro::Rio de Janeiro:TranSity



“At the beginning was the wonder”,Aristotle said.“The wonder is a beginning”,the World tell us.Wonder as Thauma,an old greek word where this beginning of the beginning descend from.This is the Wonder meant as disorientation,amazement,fear.Even as horror and terror of the becoming of all the things,of necessary destiny of the universe:to change,to transform,to die,to be born again.Therefore,what generates the feeling of wonderful is the never-happended-before,the excess of all rational expectations,the inadequacy of logic,the ultra-human.The Wonder poses questions not yet put, disclosing for the first time to the mankind the world’s contradictory nature:but in order to change horror and disorientation into knowledge,it is necessary that conflicts and divisions have a end.Rio de Janeiro,with its pure duality,embody the archetype of difference and contraddiction.And it’s all in its exsisting as two,as rich/poor,identity/globalization,nature/artifice,willing/planning,freedom/repression the specific feature of sick that belongs to Rio and that it almost shows off.This is the sick that corrupts every taste.From the necessity of getting trought this duality is born the need to rethink Rio in a Transexual way:beyond any gender,conflict’s sickness and opposites sick,in order to give birth to another new organism,beyond any known value.Beyond good and evil too.So the opposite elements contaminate each other,overcome themselves and,disappearing,transmigrate in something else that breath for the first time:a new life form that is not the simple addition of the two terms.This synthesis will be a dark X never known before beacause has never been before.Mimesis of nothing,the X is a process,a transition.Therefore the favela’s housing unit contaminates the skyscraper in a Trans-formal ascension;the brand new olympics arenas stop to fuel social and psychological gap transfigured in a Trans-functional pools for beasts and humans;the travelled and trafficker viadutos now mark river paths,springboards and falls,drowning the conflict nature/artifice into a Trans-temporal process;and finally the Christ -King and Queen at the same time– future Vitruvian Man,measure and criterion of a Trans-scalar city and synthesis of urban antithetic dimensions.These are ours icons of a ceasefire,the simulacrums of an armistice between two enemies that desire to nullify one to another in order to give life to the unborn:the Wonder,now,has changed the divided into One.Our visions exceeded the logic to embrace the unspeakable.That is the wonder,the Thauma:the impossible that is possible to be,the discordant harmony,the ordered chaos. Wonder is named after madness and we,like artificers of a Rio that has never existed,have the duty of the taste of the absolute against the sick of the division:the duty of wonder.Our Rio is not a man,nor a woman:it is a the-day-after-tomorrow- creature,a new world.Just as if life was happening for the first time. A+B=x


Title: TranSity:Rio de Janeiro::Rio de Janeiro:TranSity

Time: 4 agosto 2013
Category: Rio de Janeiro
Views: 6328 Likes: 6

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