Title: Uninhabitable world - Code: Z4R6T1
Contest: NY / 2012
By: E. Riviera - C. Fasoli - V. Di Vicino

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Uninhabitable world

The constant desire for progress, by man, has led to the creation of an uninhabitable world, in which nature rebels against the constraints, and the air, water and land have been polluted in the name of wealth. In this vision there are few survivors, and New York, the Big Apple of our time, the emblem of capitalist society becomes the symbol of the destructive power of man, driven by technology, as opposed to the power of nature. The unquestioned supremacy of the nature is manifested by the flooding of the city past and its consequent neglect and decay.

The human species has to survive in vertical elements, out of scale with respect to its size, is totally dependent on technology, locked up in new urban systems that respond to size, structure and design of the machine world. The men, who live in macro cells clinging to one another and supported by a central structure, are prisoners of this technology. There is no chance to get out and breathe the air, too polluted and devoid of oxygen. It’s a return to the primordial state, in which there were only cells, membranes and filaments, a pre-evolutionary state. This time, however artificial, the result of man and technology. Technology cages for survival. Everything happens inside them, with the emergence of an individualistic society in which human beings are capable of performing any activity by itself, within its own micro units. The only movements, mostly virtual, are between the various cells and the various towers, and the man only uses them as a link for the generation of new cells and settlement systems. This reality, however, is only apparent result of a sophisticated computer technology. There is no contact with the outside, but the only relationship you have with matter is perceptual, never experience direct. There is no relationship to the world of the past if not the visual one, a spectral presence, memories of a distant human reality in which you lived with nature. Now these are separate worlds, one consequence of the other. The first is totally artificial, natural the second, in which the life animal cycle is returned back to basics to begin evolution again. The past is back to being present and the future is already past, fossilized and forced in towers. The interpretation may be twofold: Victory of nature over man or the supremacy of man, with technology, over the nature?


Title: Uninhabitable world

Time: 13 giugno 2012
Category: NY
Views: 2518 Likes: 0

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