Title: tumour urbanism - Code: f37ab
Contest: Rio de Janeiro / 2013
By: sinan_gunay

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tumour urbanism



The city and the wonder_ ‘Rio de Janeiro’ is an extraordinary metropolitan city due to its great scale of urbanism, topography and nature. Being inside of a wild and numinous nature helped ‘Rio’ to become a supernatural and supersized massive block city all together. Also in the history Rio had always played an important role for Brazil. Once and for long being the capital of Brazil, from the first discovery around 16th century to mid 20th’s, the city kept on growing using its advantage of being a harbour city. It is amazing to see too much nature for a long term capital of a metropolitan urbanism. A metropolis in that size which is enclosed by a unique topography and water around, can only be exclaimed by the word of ‘wonder!’ Wonder of a metropolitan city with great fabric and nature. The sickness_ Despite of all these wonders and marvels of its unique environment which makes Rio sound a great city, it has stuck inside of its topography and almost finished its organized growth. Being both a touristic and a metropolitan city, Rio’s economy has depended on mostly service sector and because of that Rio had a dramatic growth rate after mid 1900′s. These kind of urban movements deriving from deprivation triggered the suburban growth in an uncontrolled rate, until the city has fullfilled its limited capacity and got infected by a slum urbanism with dense constraints through out the hills and topography of the city. While this illness of the city affecting the nature and wonder of the city, this kind of suburban urbanism is disconnected with the city fabric itself and proliferated as diseased cells, like a tumour, swelling and wrapping around to become a malignant illness. While ill urbanism harming and growing inside, it is also inefficient and useless for Rio. The cure_ Just like the sickness itself, city needs to produce its own illness, to get immunized and to produce a new kind of urbanism as a cure, which would help growing in a systematized and organized way, while connecting the existing environment. This would be a planned and benign tumour, which grow up from the city code itself and attach to the hills. Just between the natural borders of the city, growing and producing a network between the existing city. As in the theory of evolution, while finding a solution to a situation, the result comes in between, and metamorphoses to adapt the nature. It mutates an organized sickness from a sick organization. Once again a sickness but a new sickness, with its benign character and definitely immunized system. Tumour Urbanism_ This kind of new tumour urbanism for Rio produce its code from a dis-solutioned classical city grid. This nodules modified into three dimensional elements like DNA of a tumour, and released to create its own network between the city and wonder. This prominent and precise sickness will produce and improve itself, according to changing conditions and needs for Rio, will help to find solutions, like nature always do.


Title: tumour urbanism

Time: 4 agosto 2013
Category: Rio de Janeiro
Views: 2733 Likes: 1

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