Title: Floating pods visit Venice on - Code: G6Y3D0
Contest: Venice / 2011
By: T. B. Duong / K. Pardhu / F. Song / S. Yasmine

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Floating pods visit Venice on

Venice has always been an enchanting memorable place since it was built. It exhibits the capabilities of a man to reinvent and rephrase the way life has been and the entire vision of a city that has been prevailing at the period. At the same time the importance of the prevailing movement of art was never ignored but implemented with the city growth. Such a place with intermixing of cultures, technological developments has always been a place of mystery for the mankind; a mysterious place that leaves memories that one can ever replace.

The growth of technology and humankind has not bought much changes to the identity of the place; the soul still remains the same. The industrial movement has effected the urban scenario a little but that is what the city is about, a place to live and work. With transportation being the most defining element of the city, it was always preserved as it should be. The question of the future always is a mystery for every city. Starting with the fact that the growth of the place means growth in population, need for improvements in moving around the city and need for more space. With a place like venice where growth of the urban space is a mere provoking idea for an urban designer and a historian, one has to be careful how it can be dealt with.


So how about a system that can help venice when it needs help. A system that works like a life saving machinery that can support the life of a city when the sea dominates it, a system that will not stop the city from functioning and densifying.


An alien pod that lives in the sea, that can also generate energy to sustain and support the city and that can also move. It is transformable and regenerative, that can adapt to the situations.


The pods are imagined to be moving public spaces, with varying scales. A small pod can be a source of light, a flower pot or a group of trees that can join together to form a small park in the sea. They can move close to the city and extend the city itself into the sea. The movable character of the pods will make city very dynamic in terms of urban space. The public spaces thus are not centralized but made available for the whole city. Not only the city of venice, this can also help to connect the surrounding islands to the city when considered at a bigger scale.


The pods are designed as modular individual elements, and can combine together to form large spaces. It works like a jelly fish; a transparent element with energy production system using water as its source, that moves and adapts to the situation. The hydro-energy mechanism will generate power for the pod to function all the time. The transparent platforms of the pods will still enable us to look through them the city below and at the same time they make less interference with the identity of the place.


A thousand pods together forms a soccer field, and at the same time a few pods can transform into a romantic place in the sea to spend the night.


The whole system is made flexible, so that it can adapt to the necessity of the city, but still will enable the city to remain its character. Venice will always be the same as it was meant to be and the new movable system will help it function always and extend itself into its life time companion, the sea.



Title: Floating pods visit Venice on

Time: 7 giugno 2011
Category: Venice
Views: 3870 Likes: 0

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