Title: Un-delirious NEW YORK Urban Capillary - Code: G7U6E4
Contest: NY / 2012
By: J. Lee - S. Park

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Un-delirious NEW YORK Urban Capillary

In this competition, our main concept is “New Yorkers, Communicating through multi-leveled street. “Bon Jovi sings “no man is an island”, on his famous song “Santa-Fe”. Is it really? On contemporary society, NYC functioned as various purposes. NYC is composed of stock market, research center, university, theaters and head office of multi-national corporations. Because of these programs many people are gathering to NYC. Skyscraper, which is created to absorb this huge amount of people, was constructed by functional reason but also derives various issues on the city. Our team considers about this issues. Is it really the skyscrapers are harmful for the city? We think most problems that NYC is worried about are provoked by skyscrapers constructed above anachronistic urban context instead of skyscraper its own existence. We think high-density of skyscrapers on anachronistic urban context causes various problems on city. By this idea, dominant scale of skyscraper prevails human and provokes disharmony. It means people who works on high-level of skyscraper has a problem to interact with outside. Furthermore, it is affected to environmental problems such as interrupting inflow of sunlight or fresh air to the street. Therefore, multi-leveled street could be a solution and our design was followed by this process.

1. We studied every floor plans in Manhattan. We could find some unique characteristics on specific level plan. Until level +25,000 most buildings are regularly spread on Manhattan. However when we reached +75,000 level, most of the buildings located on Soho, Greenwich Village E.T.C. are getting dramatically decreased. And I think that this is the impetus why many artists could interact to each other artist so well on Soho area. On +150,000 level, some buildings located on Midtown and Downtown’s skyscraper only left. So we decided this three level to connect and the main street level would be +75,000 level.

2. After we decided level, we decided to link uptown and downtown. NYC needs a more direct ways to connect north side and south side. This is because Manhattan is the most manic city on the world. On commuting time, due to many people from other zone, traffic jam is getting worse. So, our suggestion is to connect uptown and downtown more directly by multi-leveled street and the layout was followed by the highway road which is connected with other zone(NJ, Bronx ETC). And multi-leveled Highline will functioned as a new public transportation too. As a result, New monorail would encouraged many people who came to NYC and environmental problem could be decreased by this device.

3. The spreading of multi-leveled street is based on parks on the ground level. It might has to be a green space with various event could occur and it can affect the sustainability of the city. The elevator in skyscraper would load people to the multi-leveled street, and these system could be a brand-new space usage of the city. It would blur the hierarchy between skyscraper and human, and provide accessible green space to high level worker rather than ground level. And also, new community space such as lobby hall will insert halfway of the building which could be a new activation of elevators and skyscrapers.

4. Last one, is the issues of highway line that surrounding Manhattan like FDR road. Because of the highway surrounding Manhattan many parks or fiers are getting isolated. So we investigate the shore area. By multi-leveled street, accessibility of Hudson river or Atlantic ocean would improve and these phenomenon would open a new possibility of wilderness near the Hudson river.

Urban Context which was created on 19th century is still maintaining. Nowadays, sophisticated software and programs are coexisted with anachronistic urban context. Therefore, we are going to suggest multi-leveled street to overcome top-bottom and north-south hierarchy and creates brand-new context. It would increase more interaction between people and people who works on the building. Moreover, by installing new public transportation, traffic jam could be resolve by providing new space on the city. By this suggestion, I strongly believe that the problem which NYC has such as human isolation, traffic jam, environmental problem etc. could be solved.


Title: Un-delirious NEW YORK Urban Capillary

Time: 13 giugno 2012
Category: NY
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