Title: New York Odyssey - Code: H9A6C4
Contest: NY / 2012
By: S. Hoe - H. Chung - M. Kim

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New York Odyssey

 The start point of New York Odyssey is a ruined city after the radical expansion of industrialization and civilization in 2096. After economy recession, New Yorkhas become an empty city where over half of citizens have left this hollowed city into the other contemporary cities. This city, New Yorkis another Romeor Venicewhere whole city has become a sort of MuseumCity. New Yorkhas lost its urban function right after the failure of the high density control. At this moment, the citizens of the past and tourists are seeking for their lost memory of New York. There are various series of houses (kiosks) of citizens who have forgotten their memory of New Yorkand keep their voyage to recollect it. It is a journey as a Space Odyssey from their own houses to the city. Fundamental concept on New Yorkis “Clock” mechanism (platform) which is an attached infrastructure and controls the whole epic system calibrating and recording time and events. Through collecting memories by kiosks, New Yorkis the “Circuit of Time” from past to the future and from the future to the past. It has interweaved vacant spots as a network in Manhattan, which are the basic locations of the platforms and scattered kiosks. Kiosks exist not only as private spaces also as public realms connecting series of existing contexts and the buildings on the Platform. It can currently serves as alternative detachable spaces for lack of urban space caused by congestion of the city.


Kiosk can be the space unit structure which is the most private and public space simultaneously in capitalism. Kiosks supplement the lost and vacant functions in the remained city. Attached to the platform as a clock mechanism, they can be combined and proliferated to provide diverse programs and sizes creating new urban topology. People can use it as a private garden and an advertising media simultaneously. They can possess their own private space from the personal shop to the urban gallery, urban theater or the library, in the middle of the complicated high dense city. Or it serves as an ecologic, cultural, geological information center forNew York Cityitself. Then, the whole clock system plays a role as an integrated time system where people can select time period and project the information and data on the kiosk surface with a media screen or on the air with light beam. Garden House and sky house deal with ecological vectors such as weather status and eco system ofNew York, while the Memory House conveys the vectors of the events and information of its context.


The space and time inNew Yorkis perceived as an integral system which is individualized and reconstructed by kiosks and platforms in each event. The recording system has an inside and outside correlated to each other, the joint system receives the information, and the control systems are for action. Platform acts like clock mechanism interlocking and recording each event. It is combined with the kiosks on the floors, the walls, the façades and the roofs of the buildings or the road, pavement, deck and the urban void of the infrastructure. This is another infrastructure which controls the information and data as time machine scattered on the walls and the floors horizontally or vertically.


This system converts the vectors to a soft space creating color pattern which represents the codes of the particular patterns of Color from the vectors. It is becoming the new lightscape inNew Yorktransmitting the vectors of space forming light membranes patterns.



Title: New York Odyssey

Time: 13 giugno 2012
Category: NY
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