Title: 4 Green Towers - Code: H9F6D2
Contest: NY / 2012
By: A. Scaglione - L. Bullaro - A. Milone - M. P. Vallejo - L. F. Patiño Santa - J. Morales Blandon

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4 Green Towers

Building means to impart a mark on the territory which will describe the future developments in socio-economic and technological. The layers of time, the stratification of the rocks reveal the age of ground levels at different heights of the city will tell the socio – political and technological society constantly changing. The new connections at the highest altitudes, the new public transport more efficient and faster,pedestrian walkways and plazas will change the perspective of the city, a bird’s eye view,mirror of a changing metropolis. The Green I within each of us carry in a return to the past more and more ecological and technological. Sustainable buildings, new interactive spaces in urban areas and it will describe the key to the future.

 The connections urban

The New routes at different heights, the squares on the roofs and the new public transport services faster and ecological expansion will change the way the city is no longer horizontal but vertical, giving back to nature from construction sites defaced improvised, ensuring greater flexibility to the changing dynamics of a growing metropolis.

The towers of the climate

4 new towers in New York, towers subjects divided according to their technological functions for the supply of clean energy, natural ventilation systems and screening systems of the towers climate contribute to the production of energy necessary for self-sufficient city.

• The tower of the sun with photovoltaic facade elements, accumulate the energy for self-sufficiency and energy public.

• The green tower, gardens above the city, new spaces of social groupings, a return to nature where the tower is transformed into a forest in the vertical.

• The wind tower, wind energy storage, alternative energy control center. Wind turbines on the roofs of green buildings, for supplying current to the mesh inside the city and public places to read the layers of the city over time.

• The water tower, a key element in nature, accumulation of energy to fallareas where I find the green and regenerate.

Green roofs 

Fundamental issues of air connections of cities, places exchange of new environmentally friendly transport systems, markets and services to improve the lifestyle of future users.Parks and gardens with fruit trees, water, and increasingly technological points of aggregation.








Title: 4 Green Towers

Time: 13 giugno 2012
Category: NY
Views: 3069 Likes: 2

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