Title: CROSS - Code: I5E7L4
Contest: NY / 2012
By: D. Kim - S. Lee - J. Kim

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New York has nothing – there is nothing to represent endemic attributes of its own in this metropolitan area. Although Manhattan is known as “The Heterogeneous City” with a variety of races and well-rounded arts and ideas, because of the lack of linking system to create understating contacts between the fields, the city does not have its unique and collective synergies to develop innocent attribute traits. Making the unique insourcing program and culture from the worldwide outsourcing will be the beauty of the heterogeneous city. New York, a full-matured city as for civilization, needs a brand new performance to stimulate cultural renewal and combination. The stimulation supports to consolidate heterogeneous ingredients, as a catalyst facilitates the main body to react. This catalyzing form in Manhattan, functioning as a “Back of House”, helps arrange and mix between other fields.

A cross shape can extend the maximum surface than any other geometry shapes, while locating on the intersection road by grid system in Manhattan. This back of house facilitates consolidation and metamorphosis among extant ingredients and motivates the isolated space to be exposed to the public.

The cross shape on the road grid can be modified its volume and height by the environment buildings’ condition. The back of house functions to supply new program at void, to mix additional source in the existed program, or to support minor professional field to be activated lively. The each back of house is connected together to provide passageway for the public and to share structural force that comes from adjacent buildings.

The dynamic and various shapes of back of house are actively operated in the wrapped envelope, which can be seen as a simple volume from the city, in contrast with the complex and crazy city of New York. The envelope, made by a coated fabric, provide passageways and entertaining space and it also serves as sunshade to the public, like an urban parasol in the city.

The back of house volumes on the intersection road arouse to compound different fields and to mix original heterogeneous idea with innocent traits. The cross shape would represent as a unique culture in future Manhattan. As the culture revolution was stirred up in Soho district in 1800s, it is expected that next culture generation of New York will be set up with this catalyzing volumes.


Title: CROSS

Time: 13 giugno 2012
Category: NY
Views: 2073 Likes: 1

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