Title: New Yor A better street - Code: L7B4D2
Contest: NY / 2012
By: Z. Meade

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New Yor A better street

New York A Better Street What is a street? Common conceptions of the nature of a street have shifted drastically from a century ago. To many of us, a street is a place where automobiles cut through a city, where pedestrians must give way, and where many other forms of transport are diverted. In the early twentieth century, a Manhattan street was quite different. The street was a place for a diverse array of commuters, pedestrians, vendors, and those seeking recreation. Many types of transport were given equal right of way within the street, and it was a place where contemplation, business, leisure, and movement could all occur. How can we transform our streets back to a more pure and multi-functional utilization of their existence? This project imagines a future where an entire Avenue in Manhattan has prohibited automobiles. As a result, the street fluctuates and changes form as it seeks to best serve its users. In the proposition, high speed public transport along traditional subway tunnels caters to local and distant commuters. The street above morphs along its length as openings are needed for transit access, public space, and supplemental program that is lacking from the current street utilization in Manhattan.

The resulting architecture is a fluid structure that acts as a central spine along the avenue. It provides access to submerged transit and cuddles spaces along its axis suitable for cafes, work spaces, housing, museums, dance studios, or any variety of program. Above, it can be used as park space, public squares, outdoor areas, running paths, bike lanes, ice skating, or virtually any out outdoor use.

The architectural form of this project is simply a result of the spaces contained within and surrounding the structure. In this imagined future, it is the street. The street itself is simply a provision for the many different users of the city.


Title: New Yor A better street

Time: 13 giugno 2012
Category: NY
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