Title: Dissolving Screen - Code: 00523
Contest: Rome / 2010
By: M. Lee / J. Yoon / M. Kim

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Dissolving Screen

Dissolving Screen

1. Background information _ separated time levels

The past ofRomeis like a historical cemetery. It is one of the most attractive cities for visitors with its archaeological footprints. Footprints don’t tell necessary the whole story as just the ruins are left behind. Visitors would have to know the history in order to imagine it, as it does not interact. Just fragments are left over and while movies, blogs and other resources has informed them about these sites, the experience when they visit the sites themselves is different as the sites don’t tell much. Many other footprints are visible when you know the history. The Tiber-river used to be coherent and part of the city but due to the placement of the embankments it has separated the city from the river. Especially it is noticeable when the summer festival is going on and nothing is happening in the city. It has been disconnected and people only stay along the river.

Time has come to make anew citywhere the old part is re-connected with the new developed cities on both sides ofRome. While in the past people were eager to live inRomebut the new flow has moved people away to the neighbouring cities. The old has not been able to keep up with the new, which has resulted thatRomeis starting to look like a big sized museum. We need a new approach to connect the separated time levels.

  1. The Approach

What approach is needed to reconnect the city with the river and the different time levels?

Forgotten of the ancient Romeis Circo Massimo, which in the past hosted important events, but also functioned as the drainage reservoir for the overflow of water from the river. This changed with the placement of the embankments as it blocked the river and it disconnected the archaeological flow from Tiber-river to Circo Massimo. The main suggestion is to re-install this archaeological flow to Circo Massimo by directing the Tiber-river events with it is audiences to this site. Audiences will be directed via different time levels that connects the past, present and future to approach the city from the river-side by a designated ramp that directs them via a specific path along Templo di Vesta and S.M. Cosmedin , eventually leading to Circo Massimo.

What program can make a sustainable flow between the different layers?

As you can read in the previous paragraph we use specific sites, which we believe play the key role in connecting the city and the river. In order to make a sustainable flow between the different layers we came up with a program, which will offer more insight information about Romefor visitors who do not know or cannot see the story behind the ruins and the ancient city. On the Circo Massimo a screen will be placed that will reflect the complicated history and story of that site. In order to make it more visible for the audiences an auditorium will be placed on top of buildings nearby the Circo Massimo which have a clear view on the square. Through this way it can act like in mediator, as an interaction, between the site and the audience as the site cannot speak for itself.

Furthermore, as everywhere inRome, monuments have all symbolism, which emphasizes the importance and value of those places. Therefore the site that connects the river and the city will also get a monument to ensure the re-installment of the significant meaning. By having a panorama view from the monument it will symbolically connect this site with other parts of the city. As it does not physically, but visually connects the other parts.

  1. Road Map

What will the flow during the different seasons?

Low Tide

During this season people (tourists) can walk along the river and by approaching the city they can go through the tunnel that will lead them passing archaeological levels (under city level), the basements of heritages, ending in the monument. From there one can watch the panorama view or move on to the auditorium to view the images projected on the screen at Circo Massimo. This reflects the memory of this area as it used to be.

High Tide

When this season starts the tunnel has to be blocked due to the flooding. Visitors will have to stay at the city level and can pass the heritage above ground. Then they could follow the same route as during the low tide, but the projection on the screen at Circo Massimo will reflect the virtual river, which would have flown through this site during high tide in the past. It is a reminder of the relationship between the river and city.


Title: Dissolving Screen

Time: 16 marzo 2010
Category: Rome
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