Title: Quantum Polis- Future to Past - Code: M9X7B4
Contest: NY / 2012
By: H. Lee

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Quantum Polis- Future to Past

Quantum Polis- Future to Past “What these maps said is if you trying to make money on the markets where the red dots are, where the cities are, you gonna have to put the servers where the blue dots are to do that most effectively. And the thing you might have notice about the blue dots is that a lot of them are in the middle of ocean. So that what we will do, we build bubbles or something, or platform which actually part the water, to pull money out of the air, cos it’s a bright future if you are an algorithm.” Kevin Slavin
A Compromised Future

The speed of light trading (or high frequency trading) defines a global algorithmic network by optimizing a trading route (dense fiber-optic networks) among financial centers. The route coordinates arbitrage trading in relation to geodesic condition, quantum speed trading encrypted as swarm of algorithmic instructions not to be detected by humans, but to accelerate the global financial market volatilities in maximizing profit potentials and create shorter intervals of crisis due to its high frequency nature.

The trading center no longer needs to be accessible by human traders, rather to install servers at strategic locations of the globe to read and render algorithmic data extract from its local utilities and most often at desolated landscape (artificial islands and inhabitable seasteads). The datum redefined by algorithmic fractal branching of the fiber-optic constructions, contours reshaped by the distance trading derivatives (options, futures, swaps) reflecting the volatility nature of world index (Dow Jones, Nasdaq, Hang Seng). Nature becomes a fictitious landscape writing of global financial intentions, the etching of tradable information compete for algorithmic dominations on the earth surfaces where the best pricing information may reside somewhere at the opposite side of globe.

New polis for Manhattan

The new ‘polis’ extends from existing fiber optics network at Wall st. and Midtown, with the blossoming structures preserve Manhattan from being terraformed by quantum speed trading. The quantum polis hovers above the radial grid of trading highway utilizes local information, cataloguing the stealthy algorithm for econophysical research, recalculating its feasibility for an arbitrage trading at planetary scale. It gathers capital and preserves its autonomy, self-governance under the algorithmic rules of the dominant city-state. Capital moves in swarms of algorithm across the globe from cities to cities, point to point to compete for shortest time, the new polis take advantages of its immediacy with trading route to optimize quantum derivatives and to sustain new urban life that grows nature above Manhattan.


Title: Quantum Polis- Future to Past

Time: 13 giugno 2012
Category: NY
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