Title: Air Pavillon - Code: N6C3T5
Contest: PFFF / 2012
By: M. Galasso

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Air Pavillon

Air Pavillon.

The concept of the design is to investigate the potential of the air as an element able to generate an interesting environment for art practices and expositions.



1 Air as a climatic device

The Air Pavillon uses its own materiality, in the form of the trapped air inside the inflatable tube, as a device to expand the experiences and to open the relation between people and the air as element.

By increasing the width of the air tube, is it possible to make explicit the presence of air, and its capacity to generate different environments.

The temperature difference that is generated by the amount of air layer opens up unexpected possibilities of use of the space, in close contact with the fundamental element for our life.


2 Air as extreme adaptability

The pavillon investigates the possibilities of extreme adaptability that comes from the specific quality of air.

By subdividing the pavillon in 6 modules (4 X 2.8) is it possible to adapt the pavillon space according to both the spatial condition of the surrounding, but also following specific exposition necessities.


3 Air as soft boundaries

A specific quality of air is the flow, and the capacity of overcoming the obstacles. This reflection leads to two design principles.

First, the pavillon is shaped to avoid blocking the wind leading in this way to the curved section of the structure.

second the position of the ropes that are used to maintain the pavillon in place contribute the create spatially an external space that works as a transition between the interior, climatically controlled, and the exterior open air, but linking those two spaces in a complex expositive devise, open and without boundaries.


Title: Air Pavillon

Time: 25 gennaio 2012
Category: PFFF
Views: 2854 Likes: 0

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