Title: Re-Covering NY - Code: Q1N5M9
Contest: NY / 2012
By: K. Byoung Woo - K. Jin Young - K. Joong Hee - J. Chol - Min

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Re-Covering NY

New York CityVision Phase 01.New Yorkis tired. | Wall Street, Soho, andBroad Way, they are all regarded as the Icons of not only theU.S.but also the world in their fields. The accumulation of great wealth and fame are surely sufficient for informing the success ofNew York. However, they are suffering from the fatigue of enormous choice in order to maintain the Icons that they possess for themselves. Their concern of whether to neglect all the incidents that occur every once in a while for their profits (NIMBY_Not In My Back Yard), or to positively accept for maximizing profits (Pimfy_Please In My Front Yard), harassesNew Yorkevery moment. Along with this fatigue of choice, the endless appeal of the people who expect agglomeration effects, also make theNew Yorkget tired more.

Due to the accumulation of these fatigues,New Yorkis tired. Thus, they start to draw newNew Yorkin order to escape from their chronic fatigue.

Phase 02.New York, discovery of the cause of the fatigue. |New Yorkthat is fed up with accumulated chronic fatigue decides to find the fundamental cause of the fatigue. Then they discover that the fatigue began from the situation of the region that they are located. Although the ‘flat regional division’ that is well chopped for convenience and efficiency until now, makes us to realize the effects to make the accomplishments of current New York, it was insufficient to cope with the demands of the gathering any longer, but rather it is regarded to worsen the fatigue of choice due to the granted features.

It is that the fatigue began from the piece of well drawn map, that was believed to be the utmost way for them.

Phase 03.New York, desire for the method of escaping from the fatigue |New Yorkthat has found the cause of fatigue, now looks for the method of escaping from the fatigue. However, they do not want to lose their fame and boots that they have accumulated until now. Rather they ignore all of them, and they even think starting newly all over is tired.

Their contradictory emotions begin to realize the new system called ‘vertical regional division’. Programs are composed for each of the floors in the remaining buildings by them, and each of the programs are offered to them who selected the program. Choice is a fragmentary thing that is only for their own benefits, and it is unnecessary to concern about all phenomenons to know what is beneficial and what is harmful. It is the moment of emancipating from the excessive fatigue of choice. Aslo, as the volume that can accomodate can be expandable to the size of currentNew York, it is possible to accept the demands of the people who are gathering to one program. Also, the changing functions are made in a way that can be vertically expanded, which prepares the fundamental base of the city that can continuously grow.

Phase 04.New York. Emancipated from the fatigue. | The newly imported ‘vertical regional division’ system realizes the effects of maximized gathering while simultaneously emancipating from the fatigue of saturation of expansion. Programs for each of the floors realize the effects that are bigger than current effects through close mutual relations.

The fatigue of choice also disappeared. All they need is to make the decision for

the profits of the gathering that they are currently placed in, and basically as the floor is composed in a way that is suitable for their program, the choice will become simpler and more definite as well. Ironically,New Yorkis clearly emancipated from the fatigue as the city becomes one huge mass from being a piece of map that is seemingly well chopped.


Title: Re-Covering NY

Time: 13 giugno 2012
Category: NY
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