Title: “Theatro-Venezia” - Code: Q84RT1
Contest: Venice / 2011
By: L. Onushkina

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“Theatro-Venezia” City is a theater. It`s the theater in which actions are  replaced by lowering and lifting the curtain of the day and night. Theater is a stage, an ideal model of the world, “divine idea”, baroque park like metaphor of ideal staging ideas. All parts of the park are interconnected. Everything are subordinate to common focus. The stage is a hose of actors, changeable movement. All of this is the chaos of parts of “divine idea”.

Magnificent facades of buildings of Venice look like excellent stage of the theater. Venice is no longer the city. Venice is grandiose scenery, it is a seat of huge “Theatro-Venezia”.

The stage of “Theatro-Venezia” is “divine idea” of baroque park which was fallen to pieces under the influence of the power of water. This stage seems to have lost its integrity and parts of it are drifting randomly through the city canals. Inside of each of the parts there is a house of an actor. Actors come from all over the world, speak the languages of the world, participate in the world performance. “Theatro-Venezia” is an international theater which is dynamic and is flowing like water.

The staff of the actors is constantly changing together with changing scene. This changes take place under the power of water which give life to whole city. Slowly drifting parts of the ideal system – actors houses – create surrealistic disorder of the new urban landscape. This parts are unusually wonderfully linked with each other under the power of water.

Pieces of   “divine idea” with Corinthian columns, decorative  trees, flight of marble stairs, shrubs and sculpture – everything that once was a baroque park form new cannels, streets and irregularly shaped squares.

The architecture of  “Theatro-Venezia” seems to appear accidentally. It is impossible to feel the past “divine idea” as a whole, it creates the atmosphere of pensiveness, melancholy and memories  about the past time – all this creates the atmosphere of “Theatro-Venezia”.

Here you can  see King Lyre walking up stairs which lead nowhere, and lonely Piero under a spherical crone of a tree, Hamlet going between a disorder of statues. Here the elements can separate Romeo and Juliette only. The water itself is a produce here. It creates dramatic space and action.

“Theatro-Venezia” is a unique space which will exist till that surprising day when water itself will collect all separate parts into one  unique “divine idea”.




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Title: “Theatro-Venezia”

Time: 6 giugno 2011
Category: Venice
Views: 2404 Likes: 1

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