Title: New York City is for what? or for whom? - Code: R4Z8M1
Contest: NY / 2012
By: Hong-Kyu - Tae-Hyun - Sook-Yeon - Seong-Won - Ji-Won - Hwan-Su - Bur-Deul - Yoon-Hong - Dong-Hyun - Hyeong-Wook

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New York City is for what? or for whom?

New York City is for what? or for whom?  A. Target Site We select all area of Manhattan. Its area is 87.5km2 including 28.0km2 of water area, and 1,585, 873 people are living in this city. B. Problems of New York City 1) Number of Skyscrapers Since 20th century, high rising buildings have been increased rapidly all around the world. New York is no exception. ? Higher than 100 meters (Built, Under Construction, Proposed): 762 (2012)? Higher than 200 meters (Built, Under Construction, Proposed): 80 (2012) ? Higher than 12 stories (Built): 5,924 (2009) 2) Strength and Weakness of Skyscrapers ? Strength: symbolize strength and power, Maximize land use ? Weakness: Causes of many problems; traffic, population and environment, Example 1) It is hard to take a look at surrounding environments because of skyscrapers Example 2) About 90-thousand birds are killed every year by crashing into skyscrapers.

C. Our Concept

1) Past

? 1930: 40 Wall Street and Chrysler Building were completed.

? 1931: a symbol of skyscrapers of the world was built; Empire State Building

2) Present

? It is hard to deny that high-rise buildings stand for New York City.

? Many skyscrapers are in New York City

3) Future

? The city will collapse like dominoes caused by a variety of disasters like a huge earthquake.

? People will utilize the rubble left to recover the city from the disaster.

Example) Make a sledge park, skate parks using slope of remains

? People will rebuild Environment-People Friendly City

4) What should people do now?

? People need to realize that skyscrapers are not the only solution.

? Excessive greed can lead to downfall

? Think about people and environment, and develop the city comfortable for them.

? Realize that New York City is not for the Country, it is for People.

Skyscrapers = Dominoes

? Energy Force ? Dominoes collapse

? Environment-People friendly City



Title: New York City is for what? or for whom?

Time: 13 giugno 2012
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