Contest: NY / 2012
By: Ken Sei Fong

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HIPER MANHATTAN HEARTWARMING CONGESTION The current architecture ofNew Yorkcould be categorized in terms prehistoric menhirs as a set of individual pieces and isolated. Viewing the city from the absurd, it is possible to link the city from the connection between 2 menhirs, so it evolves to the dolmen, a city linked. At this point the archipelago becomes continent. The city suffers a metamorphosis, creating a new urban landscape, a new skyline, a city between architecture and landscape. The idea of learning from the virtual emerges as an imminent need. We currently have a virtual hyper-connected world, and a hyper-fragmented real world, the idea of ??intersecting the real world and virtual evolve to create a new concept of the city.

From the jungle to the labyrinth. The idea of individuality is changed by the whole idea, thenew cityis conceived as grafts in the stems of the existing city, grafts in the urban jungle, modifications that conspire towards a hyper-connected city, where the character of in motion and overlapped are the common denominator. The conventional skyscrapers represents a mega village, while the loop rhizomatic [labyrinthine] represents the mega universe, where the existence and experiences are made simultaneously, a city where the site does not exist. This new city is configured as an abstract choreography [architectonic], as a fantastic juxtaposition of activities, seeking to tear down the strongholds of the unnatural, to build, the natural hyper-congestion, the idea of urbanize the architecture, and achitecturalize the urbanity, takes place from this engine of urbanity, a city where there is no isolated building, but instead a large conglomerate of individualities hyperlinked, is thus that the city can be seen as a great architecture, and architecture as a large city.

A city where field fragments intersect in the city, a city that loses the current condition of parasitism between town and country [the field as a the productive area by excellence], currently, if the city dies, the field continues, as if nothing had happened, but if the field dies, the city dies with him. The idea of ??creating a mutual parasitism, between town and country, a symbiosis between the two, so that one depends on another, this show of the metropolis is materialized as a resurrection of nature in a city heavily unnatural, naturalize the unnatural, getting exalt the character unnatural, unnaturalize the unnatural, with nature.

A city with a certain horror to tenebrous empty, this attempt that the vacuum does not exist, create a city where the vacuum is the protagonist, the void becomes the raw material of the congested city, to congest, because the vacuum is the only territory which by definition can be filled, perpetually. The present city is a city eminently vertical, an architecture that facilitates the understanding of the city [the architecture must necessarily facilitate this understanding?]is an element finished, iconic, closed in itself, a supposed projection to the sky, evolving towards an architecture that do not facilitates understanding of the city, but rather make more complex, it is something supernatural, an architecture of the loop [loop the loop], make more complex the complex and congest the congested, a city of spectacle and fantasy. The idea, in process, is manifested in this hyper-labyrinth, an open city, unfinished, constantly changing, a city that transcends natural boundaries, and turns NewYork, in a truly united city, disappearing dependent populations of bridges and tunnels, thus creates a city where the paths consecutive are made simultaneously, is when you transcend these natural barriers [of Manhattan] that defects become virtues.

This city in perpetual process defines an infrastructurally diffuse city, in which the use of these infrastructures are ambiguous, and creates a new horizon, disoriented, a city that can not be fully perceived, where the visual indeterminacy is the elixir of the city.

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Views: 2404 Likes: 3

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