Title: Flaminio Foro Italico - Code: 00547
Contest: Rome / 2010
By: S. Mandetta / G. Mandetta / G. Leonardi / N.M. Leonardi / S. Romagnolo

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Flaminio Foro Italico

The proposal intervention fits into the broadest urban area Flaminio Foro Italico, which plans the upgrading of the Flaminio Stadium area, with public-private interventions.

Preliminary considerations are based on the extreme urban decay of the area and on the always most important development of a cultural, sporting, leisure and wellbeing zone, supported by concerning facilities.

In addition to these characteristics of the urban area development, two very important aspects were added: an important archeological finds along the Via Flaminia Vecchia (now Viale Tiziano) and the requirements to enlarge the capacity of the Stadium from 25.000 to 40.000 spectators for the needs of the 6 NationsRugbyTournament.

The main element of the proposal it to integrate the Flaminio area into cultural development centre consisted by Maxxi, the Auditorium and the Palazzetto dello Sport, bringing it back to an urban propriety as nowadays it is spiled by illegal parking and by a fence which hides the wonderful masterpiece of Pier Luigi Nervi.

The project proposal is besides providing the connection among the three important facilities of Villa Glori, Parco Faunistuico of Monte Mario and Villa Borghese with the Museo di Arte Moderna, the Zoo and the Architecture Faculty through the green Flaminio area.

The Intervention

It’s suggested to create new accesses to the area for the people coming from Raccordo Anulare and/or from the city centre directly connected with a wide underground parkings which, exploiting the startum between the country plan and the archeological site covering. In this way it is possible ro relieve the area of the sport cultural pole and at the same time it gives the opportunity to deepen the researches in the zone of the covered stands and to valorize them creating an international value archeological site to insert in the premised cultural zone.

The material from the digging will be utilized to create a green hill to approach the stadium beneath which big supporting spaces for cultural activities could be found, together with sport/commercial, therapy and rehabilitation premises, responding to the Norme Tecniche di AttuazionedelPiano Regolatore.

It is also provided an open air path sided by the sport facilities (swimming pools, gyms and so on), already inserted under the Stadium stands and from the proposed ones, connected with the P.U. Flaminio way from Via Guido Reni and the New Music bridge.

The green settings which start  at same level of Corso Francia and the external balcony of the stadium will allow to distribute the public directed to the sport matches to a superior level, limiting the control of the accesses near a series of walkways on the side of Viale Pildsuski and on the top of the stairs inserted in the curves raised area.

These facilities could be used from Municipio for social initiatives like exhibitions, antique markets, equipped paths and so on.

The proposed interventions will be able to utilize the big transport net existing together with the new C metro line.

The Via Flaminia way starting from Ponte Milvio, crossing Piazza del Popolo beneath Pincio, reaching the Campidoglio trough Via del Corso, will be the walking natural path for tourists and centre of town visitors who will be able to park their cars in the big parking areas and reach the nicest parts of the town in a very short time.

Poject Substainability

In the mood of the Urban plan the intervention could be developed by public and/or private initiatives and could be inserted in the programme of Rome 2020 candidacy without expensive engagements from the Municipality.


Title: Flaminio Foro Italico

Time: 16 marzo 2010
Category: Rome
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