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Contest: NY / 2012
By: D. Chen - C. Lee

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Lindsey Kelk Symbols

New York is made up of millions of different people and they all come here looking for something. —Lindsey Kelk Symbols that created the skyline of New York, time square, central park, wall street, was the symbol for people that come here for getting an opportunity of succeeds, New York was the symbol of an apple that everyone want to take a bite, Was. Because the elapse of time, in the future, space and buildings that was decorated by people’s dream and ambitions, anymore disguise can’t hide the exhausted old spirit in it, and cannot provide the youngling looking for hope and opportunity in city of out dated icon. New York was a city where you could be frozen to death in the midst of a busy street and nobody would notice. —Bob Dylan

Variety of population and high density was the energy of New York, but in the future high density is also the reason of apathy and unconcerned. The connection of common value and futurity icon are decaying because of age, the city full of icon is hard to add another constancy icon. Every existing icon are found of stories and histories meaning, from those enormous silence skyscraper are reminding people, the time stop and the surrealist of eternal. In those enormous building, you can’t see the season changing or look through thousands of activities inside, you can’t feel the changing of future. But hope is always created from change; the constantly changing is the only possibility of touching hope in the big apple.

City is build up by little people, especially New York, millions of different people each one are looking for something of self-purpose, and created the core value of New York City. And the miracle that always created wildly joy didn’t happen on the magnificent high rise, but most are the battle and succeed of little people, or even a thin horse. In that vision, what New York need is not an lavish immense structure for symbolize its greatness, but need something that give people constantly change of future, something that project self in to, those small machine can combine into different form, present the different appearance of New York.

Skyline composes by numerous old static buildings, impossible to afresh the past glory, but possibility happen in the blank between every buildings, giving the opportunity connection that can occur in sky, in filled with new purpose. But those new connection structures didn’t standstill permanently, and it’s stacking from organic mechanicals that connect into different forms of space. Losing the Towers, losing our sense of security in New York.— Jerry Tallmer

Le Corbusier’s infamous remark that New York’s skyscrapers are too small. The façade of high rise are the ideal of New York in most people’s mind, even Le Corbusier declaim those skyscrapers are not tall enough. When people look up and see the skyscrapers, it’s like a surreal feeling of time stop, the concept of time are different from flesh and steel structure, but it lack the dynamic of energy. Those movements are created from bunch of small mechanics, breaking the unchanging façade of symbol architecture, not an eternal destruction, but an short term reconstructed space type, created a city constantly changing in the sky, remind the people looking for hope, New York are the big apple that combine from diversity of individuals and events .

Activities in the city are happened in difference boundary that interface with each other, overlap different kind of activities space in horizontal and vertical way. But all those activities are happened in a fixed frame, activities and possibility are restrained inside the frame. The purpose is to disturb the order in vertical space, created a new way to understanding the city.


Title: Lindsey Kelk Symbols

Time: 13 giugno 2012
Category: NY
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