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Contest: NY / 2012
By: P. Dóczé - M. Magyar

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Introduction   The most essential rule of the cosmos is the strive for absolute harmony. The elements of the harmonic systems are in perfect equilibrium. For a very long time man thought he is able to overcome his natural habitat, forming the world surrounding him in his own image. At the end however, he did not find his real home in the created medium. By overwriting the laws of nature several times it became harder and harder for mankind to conquer the chaos it produced. The old industrial and later post-industrial societies tried to suppress the symptoms of the disturbances caused by mankind through scientific-technological achievements, but mankind was forced to realize that the only solution for survival is re-finding their place in the perfect system of the living world. The need for harmony, tolerance and unity first arose inNew York, the extremely diverse megapolis in terms of ethnics, cultures, nations, religions and races.New York’s occupants redefined the foundations of human existence, which thereafter was not limited to the relationship of the individual and the material world surrounding it. They saw now that the individual can only be uniform and complete by embracing others and the living world it is surrounded by. The attention of the individual turned to the people surrounding it, the living world and the transcendent. Its society is free of power, aggression, political- and economic pressure. It rejects the superiority of man over nature. On a greater level of evolution the first eco-polis of the new eco-vision society, learning from the experiences of previous social conditions, is New York.

Description The city ofNew Yorkconstitutes a uniform, self-sustaining and self-regulating ecosystem. A completely new living tissue – the common home of the living world – formed of organic matter, was built on the grounds of the old city.Manhattanconsists of mutually contiguous human-scale subsystems formed around the focus points of the old city. Its topology follows the tectonics and density of the individual boroughs . The live plant tissue tracing through everything not only serves as human habitat, but also as a sensitive protective shield covering the city. This intelligent plant shell regulates the climate of the urbanizations that lie beneath perfectly, eliminatingNew York’s extreme meteorological conditions and the sun’s harmful rays. The shell collects the precipitation necessary for sustainment and development and recycles the biological waste produced inside the system. Its surface is at the same time a photosynthetic power plant collecting and renewing the energy of the sun. The so collected biochemical energy is used as, amongst others, fluorescent lighting and heating energy. Its perfect static frame structure floats the living colonies of plant origin above the city, provides nutrition to them while moving their supplier capsules with its cilium. Since aside the physical relation between the living tissue and the humans it lives in symbiosis with there is also a transcendent relation, the tissue also acts as a communicational channel between humans. Mans habitat is based on generative principles. The limits of the genesis of the intelligent flora are defined by the humans living there, therefore, by becoming part of the process of formation, the unique traits of the given ethnics are bound to become encoded in its visual and contextual appearance. This provides for the extreme diversity of the ecosystem, which has characterizedNew Yorkfrom its birth.



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