Title: Venice - Code: W9J5T7
Contest: Venice / 2011
By: N. Takaoka / A. Yokomizo

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The specific situation of Venice has been nursed in the environment of lagoon. The environmental change of the current lagoon is an environmental change of current Venice. In other words, for the lagoon, it is necessary to appeal for the critical situation called the submergence of the Venice to people of the world. Here, we propose a new urban infrastructure in the lagoon. This proposal indicates a critical mind of the environment-crisis from the lagoon of Venice to the world.

Proposal: Floating promenades(pontoon) are carefully scattered throughout Lagoon avoiding boat course. It is a new environmental urban floating infrastructure, instead of an old foundations of oak and pine tree and Istria stone which have been supporting the Venice more than 1,000 years in the lagoon.

Prospect: The Promenade is used as a park in part of Venice life. For example, taking a walk, doing a picnic, watching a bird and fishing and so on. There is special scenery of Venice that people can strolls in the sea. In addition, the Promenade is used in associate with the Venice marathon in once a year. The runner will be able to run the lagoon surface breezily while enjoying Nature.

Environmental device: The promenade is chained with wire from the bottom of the lagoon, and it no longer rise than a certain water level. And we will be not able to use this promenade, in the future if water level rises as it is. In other words this promenade becomes the environmental indicator. And people will experience an environmental change by the global warming on the promenade.

Technical strategy: A carbon fiver tagged under the surface of water that purifies the quality of water of the lagoon, and planktons or seaweed seeds attach to it. Under Promenade, a forest of the seaweed can opens; fish live and become the house for them. Finally fishery as living foundation will be enriched. Its cycle is an eco-system of system which being more wealth local living environment. The carbon fiver is almost maintenance-free, and a special technique is not demanded. Also it is cheap and dose not needs to do the exchange. Furthermore, we also expect environmental circulation of the lagoon, if the profit of fishery is expensed to increasing the promenade.


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Title: Venice

Time: 6 giugno 2011
Category: Venice
Views: 2934 Likes: 0

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