Title: Pfff PAVILION - Code: X6R8I1
Contest: PFFF / 2012
By: C. Cattaneo, S. Nenci, F. Aprilini, I. Iacoviello

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Description – Exhibits’ Pavilion is a composition of small Inflatable Units that can be assembled to form various geometrical spaces with perpendicular perimeter limits. Pavilion is anchored to the floor with Pink Ropes and Pink Ballast Boxes that can be used as seats for people passing by.

Aspect – The Pavilion is a soft white inflated toy-object embroided and anchored to the floor with Pink Ropes. It is soft and cosy as a mattress, playful as a construction toy, light as a balloon, handy as an air mat and alien as a spaceship.

Use – People’s activities can take place in the inside or on the outside of the Pavilion. Inside the Pavilion stay is made pleasant by the presence of laying down Air Mattresses for comfortable sitting, jumping or sleeping. Outside the Pavilion people can sit on the Pink Ballast Boxes, feel the soft touch of the standing Air Mattresses or explore the exhibit.

Portability – Modular Units can be easily undocked, unstiched, deflated and moved from any location in Favara to Barcelona, or Berlin, or London, or Paris or any other piazza or city or museum or wood or beach or park all over the world.

Pavilion Plan Shape – Inflatable Units can be assembled to create one big cloister or a cluster of small courts, dividing outside and inside areas for expositions or presentations.

Pavilion View Openings – Once the general plan layout is defined, view openings can be inserted by selecting Low Rise Air Mattress Units (B) rather than High Rise Air Mattress Units (B) in chosen positions.

Pavilion Inside Seating Soft Area – A decision has to be made on how to position horizontally some Air Mattress Units to form the Seating Soft Area.

Assembly – Once the plan layout is defined, perimeter Standing Air Mattress Units can be inflated and placed in their final position. Then water will be poured into the lower Water Ballast Pocket of each mattress and more air will be inflated in the Shape Control Secondary Air Pocket. Wooden Joints will be inserted between the Air Mattresses. Pink Ropes will then be taken and used to sew together all Air Mattresses.

Inflatable Technology – The Air Mattresses are made using nautical technology for inflatable boats construction with thermo – bound seams for good durability.

Anchoring System – Pavilion is secured to the floor by Pink Ropes connection to Pink Ballast Boxes. Pink Painted Ballast Boxes (dimensioned 40cmX40cmX40cm) are made of Vanadium Corten Steel Plates welded together. Corten Steel is used for its higher mechanical properties allowing for the use of thinner plates. Corten Steel also has better weather-resistance and requires lower maintenance. Connection between Pink Boxes and the Pink Ropes is achieved through a central ring bolt placed on the bottom internal face of the Pink Box. Each Pink Box can be filled with the required amount of Wet Sand that can be provided locally. Wet Sand medium specific weight is 2 kg/dm3. Each box volume is 64 dm3. If a Pink Box is completely filled with Wet Sand the ballast is 64dm3 X 2kg = 128 kg. If more ballast is required, more Pink Boxes can be added. Each Pink Box is covered with a Wooden Top that allows for a comfortable outdoors seat.

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Title: Pfff PAVILION

Time: 25 gennaio 2012
Category: PFFF
Views: 3406 Likes: 1

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