New York CityVision 2012 – Winners!

“The New York City Vision competition provoked a series of bold and evocative propositions that are not limited to designing solutions, instead these speculations are concerned with imagining a possible future.”  
Roland Snooks

CityVision is pleased to announce the winners of New York CityVision Competition.
The competition’s goal was to imagine New York in its future if the manipulation of the urban context and its architectural objects, joined with its inhabitants, is influenced by SPACE and TIME.

CityVision received 151 projects from all five continents and 32 different countries.

The projects have been submitted to the judgment of the jury composed by president Joshua Prince-Ramus (REX NY) and Eva Franch i Gilabert (Storefront for Art and Architecture), Roland Snooks (Kokkugia), Shohei Shigematsu (OMA NY), Alessandro Orsini (Architensions), Mitchell Joachim (Terreform One). 

Four of them voted at the REX Office in New York, the other two voted on line.
The jury carefully examined all the entries and then unanimously elected the winners.

Eirini Giannakopoulou and Stefano Carera (SCEG) from Vigone (TO) Italy
with Hilario Isola and Matteo Norzi (Isola and Norzi) from Kent Av Brooklyn

Enrico Pieraccioli from Prato (PO) Italy and Claudio Granato from Noci (BA) Italy

*** The recipient of the FARM PRIZE will be announced this week. The project has been judged by Andrea Bartoli of Farm Cultural Park.

Eight Honorable Mentions have been recognized to
A. Faoro – F. Rizzetto (C2A5T9) view
J. Tigges – F. Segat – A. Menon – N. di Croce (F8B4L3) view
S. Ferreira Rodrigues Pereira – M. Franco Sêrro Caiado (F8N3S9) view
A. Koetter – J. Rowen – E. Zeifman (G7S5Y1) view
Uchida Kazuya (J8U6A1) view
B. Roberts (L4G7D6) view
T. Cukar – C. Lowery (M5T2M7) view
F. Furiassi (P1A9V6) view

See the winners here
See all the entries here

CityVision  would like to acknowledge all the competitors for their effort, vision, and passion for architectural innovation and the members of the Jury for their knowledge, time, and enthusiasm during the review process.


CityVision  is also pleased to announce:

- the Issue 7 of CityVision Magazine out in September 2012  showcasing the best proposals from the competition.

- a brand new event and award ceremony of NYCVC in Rome at the end of Septermber.

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Title: New York CityVision 2012 – Winners!

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