Title: Spiritual Connection - Code: 32cb7
Contest: Rio de Janeiro / 2013
By: mugeyurutenn - Zeynep Tulumen - Xu Xiang - Guo Yizhe

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Spiritual Connection



There are two main words that describe the city of Rio de Janerio. Two words shaped the path that the city was going down and still influence it today. These two matters are landscape and religion. The landscape of Rio de Janerio is characterized by a number of rocky mountains, hills, forests, ocean, rivers, canals, and lagoons. Briefly, it is where the water meets up with the wild nature, and each part of the city is drawn from these features that nature offers. Religion has a higher adherence level in this city. The city possesses a richly spiritual society formed by the meeting of the Roman Catholic Church. Rio de Janeiro’s religion is becoming increasingly diverse each day. Accordingly, the statue of Christ the Redeemer stands not only for a symbol of Brazilian Christianity but has become an icon for Rio de Janeiro. Flooding has been a risk for Rio throughout its history, as rivers combine with landslides. Looking ahead, climate change is likely to increase the precipitation in the region, a major cause of flooding. Therefore, water will modify the link between man, city, and landscape. The water will intervene and take the power of the man. The piece of land will be stolen from its tyrant and will return to its real owner. The ocean will start to rise and flow between the hills and water will slowly occupy the city. Can a landscape rescue a population from grief? The city has to turn upside down. It should climb up and take refuge in the mountains. The landscape itself is giving the opportunity of refuge to its people. Mountains are no longer just a place in which the city reflects a great variety of beautiful scenery but now in its reflection lives a new version of the city, a new dimension to explore, understand, and live. The powerful presence of rock that is felt all around the city is transforming to a base for settlement. Cable cars and boats will be indispensable for transportation. Water and air are transforming into a space of transit. People in Rio have to learn how to live with water and mountain in closer contact than before. The city is now holding physically on to its landscape while morally onto its religion. The vision of the past is reflected on the statue of Christ the Redeemer. Even though the city’s layout is separated into pieces of lands, the settlement keeps its unity with the unique solar panel roofs which are contributing to sustainability. The roofs form a spectacular scene reflecting all of the light to the highest mountain, Corcovado where the statue is situated. The statue unites the people once again, keeping the memories and the hopes of the city together. The future vision of Rio de Janerio is the rising of city toward the mountains. It is a process of occupation of the hills, separation, and connection again. It is a spiritual connection through one piece of land only, where a lack of respect never occured and where it will remain as the landmark of the city forever.


Title: Spiritual Connection

Time: 4 agosto 2013
Category: Rio de Janeiro
Views: 4720 Likes: 1

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