Title: Sinville Venice - Code: B6G1S0
Contest: Venice / 2011
By: V. M. Plavou / F. Smouklis

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Sinville Venice


Sinville Venice - the very hometown of passions.  Not long time ago, once a year, everyone was equal to each other, no matter how rich, ugly, man or woman he was. Behind a mask, everyone was  set free to express himself, to be the other, the inner, the desired. Under such ways of tolerance, between desire and equality, Venice has succeeded in keeping balances, in floating despite drowning.

Time passed on, and the carnival became one of the most attractive experiences. People, more people visiting Venice, trying to take again and again a piece of the city. Today, Venice in pieces, is becoming a theme park, an illusionary image from the past, a faded version of the character of so told stories.

Passions have always had something of a hidden guilt. A guilt similar to that a perpetrator of the deadly seven sins is carrying. So the story of the deadly seven sins gives us a great push and foundation for building our savior plan. Our aim is to provide a theme park, growing in Murano, expanding over the lagoon. A theme park standing next to the city of Venice, outcasted so as to look at it but never look like it. We record a template with the relations between two sins (whether it is strong, normal or weak). Mother of all is envy. So we give envy the chance to grow (in a cellular automata logic) over a grid for about ten generations. Each and every box of envy gains a neighbour. Then we attach to all the possible boxes of rage. We re- apply the same process to the rage boxes by adding the greed boxes, and so on. The process stops, when we have added the boxes of sloth on the template. By tests we understand that the deadliest sin provides more neighbours. So we have many different scenarios and we choose those in which a sin gets its highest amount of boxes. Then we project these scenarios on the mask’s canvas, in order to  deform it. The deformation is expressed as a differentiation on the density of the knitting (as stronger the relationship, as denser the knitting). Finally we get four different masks expressing the seven deadly versions of Venice.

Each mask is revealed after the collection of the citizens’ confessions. Each mask is layed in Murano. Each mask creates a sum of water tanks, which collect the unwanted water. It also creates enclosed , light spaces for recreation which can host expositions, concerts, sports. As time passes on, the mask, the theme park is expanded in the lagoon, with algae crops, shellfish farms, windmills, trying to reach Venice, trying to concur every little piece of the city.

But the city changes, the citizens’ desire changes, so the theme park becomes for a little while  an image of the fulfilled desire and then it has to change again.

Times are changing and it’s time to change( our mask).  In case Venice’s people sink into the tempetation of their desires, we can take  advantage of the situation and return it as  a salvation for  the sinking city.


Title: Sinville Venice

Time: 7 giugno 2011
Category: Venice
Views: 2362 Likes: 0

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