Title: Wondering a sustainable Rio de Janeiro - Code: cc11c
Contest: Rio de Janeiro / 2013
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Wondering a sustainable Rio de Janeiro



Wondering a sustanaible Rio de Janeiro Rio de Janeiro, city of contrasts. Double-sided city: rich and poor, wealthy neighborhoods and favelas, whites and blacks, morro and asphalt, wellness and violence. The sharp contrast is in Rio itself. The two faces of the city: that one of those who have to struggle every day to earn a living and that one of those who can afford to be lulled between the excesses. This is the all part of Rio bitterly which helps to make it a city hard and strong emotions. The Cariocas live among hills and curves unlikely that overlook intrusive inland waters of the metropolis; lush forests that cover the area to the side of the six hundred favelas and the tops of skyscrapers; lagoons to the sea contend that the reflections of the sky, ocean beaches that draw different worlds in a larger universe, a cultural life that has no equal in any other place in the world, a people, the carioca, which stands out for its beauty and its great will to live. The biggest challenge for Rio de Janeiro is still dwindling of inequality, poverty alleviation and peace of the many favelas, which often accidental tourists notice. Rio de Janeiro is a laboratory in continuous evolution and a cauldron of artistic traditions and established which are still alive and lived as a people, the carioca, which stands out for its liveliness and creativity of which he is capable. Rio is often represented through a few simple stereotypes. In fact, the city offers much more: music, dance, colors, tastes, lifestyle, art, history and traditions. At the same time it is a city open to the future and the contemporary. From the design point of view I imagined Rio de Janeiro according to the canons of energy sustainability, economic and social. Energy from the construction point of view, in the sense that Rio currently does not have a character properly in the canons of the “Rio 20″ for a city development in which reigns a building development and urban homogeneous and regular; economic and Social are hand in hand, since, there is perhaps this lack of homogeneity that has been created between the parties rich and poor, leading to exasperation then a high percentage of the population that faces the world to live in illegality and the guerrilla daily. So I think in a Rio that develops in a sustainable manner with residential construction-tertiary-productive strongly marked on renewable energy, sustainable mobility and strength of the Brazilian culture that fight and denounces the very critical of the city that currently have, to arrive at a city that embodies the characteristics of well-being for the future of the city itself. All this … Wondering a sustanaible Rio de Janeiro


Title: Wondering a sustainable Rio de Janeiro

Time: 4 agosto 2013
Category: Rio de Janeiro
Views: 7340 Likes: 2

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