Title: Every City has its Dream - Code: L5Z1U8
Contest: Venice / 2011
By: N. Agati / O. Fiorentino / M. Leonori / M. Locci / V. Milan

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Every City has its Dream


City Dream Cruises Holidays won’t be the same any longer. Exasperated by snatchers on holidays? Bored of beautiful yet dead old cities? Fed up by annoying street vendors following you everywhere you go? Tired of walking under the hot Italian sun? Discomforted by the insane medieval landscapes? Bored of dirty beaches? Feeling unsafe touring around old cities? City dreams cruises listens to your complaints. We care. It’s time for you to enjoy the pleasure of history within the tranquility and safety that we guarantee.

Cities are nowadays dangerous and dirty environments.

The number of deaths after conflicts within Tourist and Locals is constantly increasing.

Port cities are no longer places for families; beautiful sites are constantly disturbed by irresponsible local inhabitants arrogantly disrespectful towards tourists.

How can you keep the pleasure of travelling without dangerous and annoying encounters?

You deserve more.

Book a life changing experience on our new city dream line.

More than ever travelling hasn’t been as pleasant.

No coincidences, no baggers, no bags, no getting lost, no booking struggle.

No longer any chance of ruining your holidays.

Minimum effort. Maximum enjoyment.

Our groundbreaking ships have all you need to make your dream true.

Floating resorts with all comforts and the expertise of the best International hotels.

Exclusive services. Activities and excursions 24/7. Breathless shows. Relax as you wish.

Don’t lose the opportunity.

Your satisfaction is our duty.

Every city has its dream. Make it yours.

Try Our Flagship. Venice as you’ve never seen before

Discover La serenissima’s bewitched world

Imagine a trip in a magical environment, truly special: a castle on water with more than a thousand rooms, enchanted halls, idyllic spots and precious decorations

Somewhere where everyone is happy from the morning till late night parties, games, shows, music, within history’s charm and beauty.

Venice Dream is an engineering master piece, where you’ll discover the most famous Venetian architectures together with their lively spirit, where every dish

has the taste of memory and the fantasy of all the best Venetian recipes revisited by our great chefs coming from the best restaurants worldwide.

Why would you miss our incredible romantic sunsets within the excitement of an authentic spirtz based Aperitivo.

Venice dream is a sparkling fastness, which resembles all your strongest childhood fantasies.

You’ll be fascinated by the elegancy of all our marvelous and precious details.

Marbles, chalcedony, alabaster, and infinite crystal drops as you have only seen in movies.

For one week come and live the real Venetian atmosphere recreated by the most important international architects and artists which carefully studied every building, square, story, painting of the famous La Serenissima to recreate it all for you within the safe environment of our ship:

great mansions, canals and gondolas, Kings and Princes’ palaces, elegant halls, beautiful fountains, monumental columns, original paintings, romantic alleys and golden domes that shine reflected by the water… All there for you to live the real Venice experience in a cozy conditioned environment, clean water, English speaking gondoliers, smiley hosts within the safe environment guaranteed by city dream cruises.

The fantasy of infinite possibility of discovery, the charm of history , the emotion of an unforgettable experience within our royal ship.

Venice dream offers you the true and unforgettable Italian experience as it no longer exists.

Prestigious brands in the shopping mall canal, wonderful italian cuisine all week long, relaxing tours on the gondola throughout our clean canals.

Not Enough? Needing more Adventures?

Everyday Venice Dream offers you a special activity around the mysterious ruins of the old town.

Discover all the possibilities and you’ll certainly find the one that suits you.

Our team carefully carved shields of entertainment out of the city for you to appreciate an unforgettable experience. Memorable Safari along the Canal Grande discovering the sign of Venice’s old glory. Breathless Rafting around the abandoned and shadowy canals. Unique Scuba diving searching for the memory of the past. Exclusive golf courses around the most famous ruins. Extraordinary folk Venetian villages where peasants live with the dignity of its ancestors.

Many thrilling activities every day, every moment. For you.

New life to La Serenissima. Finally freed from hazards and danger.

Join us on your fancy.

Come and live its eternal beauty with the excitement of the specialist of entertainment.

Your fantasy, our commitment….

Is this dream? It’s Venice Dream

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Title: Every City has its Dream

Time: 6 giugno 2011
Category: Venice
Views: 2731 Likes: 0

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