Title: Beijing: The Moral City - Code: 22d0d
Contest: Beijing / 2014
By: Eugene Tan - Vittorio Lovato

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Beijing: The Moral City



In response to the rapid deterioration of Beijing’s society, the People’s Committee for Moral Stability has initiated the Clean Citizen Program. Beginning in 2023 and carried out over the next ten years, it involves the implementation of an unprecedented technological advancement to undo the current social trajectory. Believing that the problems lie in the fundamentals of the human mind, the program seeks to intervene through the brain. Known as the Beijing Morality Software, the capacity to be moral is surgically inserted into the brain, providing for a new evolutionary mechanism designed to bring back long-abandoned Chinese values. The obsession with power, money and advancement has infected the world. In this wasteland of desires and hate, people have grown depraved and disconnected. Exacerbated by the blazing infernos of rapid urban and economic growth, these failures even attacked our great city. Beijing’s people are seeing their share of corruption and careless aggression for self-gain, while its city is blighted by sprawl and pollution. But, we as a people have remained strong. As our infrastructure and transport systems are crippled, man’s desire for accessibility and immediacy meant the digital environment would continue taking over our daily lives. By 2014, the hand-held device, like an extension of our bodies, had become the window to oneself; forging a world of introverted, self-absorbed citizens no longer interested in physical engagement or civility. All this occurred, despite our nation’s strength and resilience. In this landscape of political instability, the city of Beijing was impacted greatly by this shift toward collective numbness. In the face of such affliction, the people of Beijing made the decision to stand together in the belief of a better tomorrow. The Morality Software will take effect instantly and you should quickly experience positive results. Many take pride in watching their collective contributions shape our glorious city. With the Morality Software, every decision is ensured to protect our future success. Now, younger generations living in the city desire to better engage with their families in rural communities. The entire urban structure has been built anew such that the urban and the rural have collided and compressed together. This heterotopic mix not only allows for better access to food sources, commercial enterprise and mitigates income inequality, but ensures that the legacy of each family is built upon multi-generational wisdom. This new sense of community has reshaped the daily lives of all citizens. You will notice great positive change in our people, and for that reason, amazing changes to our city. The new Beijing under the protection of the Morality Software is a not only a more fun and creative city, but is also one with a bright and incorruptible future. Insertion of the software is painless and no side-effects have been recorded, although the warming sensation of altruism is to be expected.


Title: Beijing: The Moral City

Time: 29 settembre 2014
Category: Beijing
Views: 10728 Likes: 10

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