Title: One Space, More Than One World - Code: 64c2a
Contest: Beijing / 2014
By: Ningxin Cheng

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One Space, More Than One World



Dear Diary, I had a virtual meeting with the NY office today through the “Glasses”at home. I turned on the 3D projector on my shoulder since I was in my room. But interestingly, that frightened my grandma when she came into my room and saw Joseph’s head “hanging in the air like a ghost”. She never uses the “Glasses”, which is essential to everyone’s life. With “Glasses”, the very same space can be completely different for everyone, if people don’t project the images out like I did. Grandma’s virtual world remains on the screen of computers in her age, but to me, it doesn’t count as a “world” if I cannot feel or “touch” in 3D. I’d rather replace the space taken up by the screens with more green in the room. I’ll go to the office to work tomorrow for the free coffee, companions, and no worries of my grandma. I’ll take care of her since I have her immediate health information sent from home. I tried a new restaurant for dinner because I noticed its wonderful tag for the first time when I asked my “glasses” to turn off the tags of all my familiar ones. The food was great, so I sent a 3D photo of it to my mom in Shanghai. She forbid me from sending her 3D-pictures of food because of the pain of having it in her hand but cannot have it in her stomach. By the way, Francis is coming to Beijing next week because he recently fell in love with Chinese painting, and the city of Beijing is just like a Chinese painting. Beijing became more and more similar to the ancient Chinese painting after we moved anything we don’t always want to see (Ads, paper, screens, etc.) into digital world, and replace the space with trees. We can finally enjoy the space we’ve loved thousands of years ago when the technology is surrounding us everywhere. How ironic, yet how wonderful it is! There are infinite world simultaneously in the same space now. The physical space is the background for the virtual world that people can choose whether to project it out three-dimensionally from the two shoulders, or remain on the “Glasses” with the 3D effect so that others won’t see your world. Two buttons put onto the shoulders are the new brain, and 3D projectors. The sensor attached onto the nails works with the “Glasses” so you can touch, pull, push and grab the virtual objects as if they were real. The whole street is a huge gallery of artistic buildings with the tags of my need. I see the tags for restaurants with their best dishes and available seats when I’m hungry. After the meal the tags points out the buildings I need to go. So everyone lives a unique world in the same space.


Title: One Space, More Than One World

Time: 29 settembre 2014
Category: Beijing
Views: 6912 Likes: 0

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