Title: The drops of God - Code: 3759b
Contest: Rio de Janeiro / 2013
By: oh ji young - Ha Sang-Jun - Ki young seok

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Alejandro Zaera-Polo 10
Jeffrey Inaba 5
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The drops of God



The drops of god – the future we want The Hochkapitalismus society has been accelerated through fast development. Because of this reason, the world has remained in pursuit of the benefits for individuals and is filled with the greed of people and selfishness. The ‘rich and poor’ which are considered as economical imbalances have created invisible barriers to destroy and divide us. The rio de ja neiro city shows this aspect really well . In this city, we can see extreme social polarization which people can’t come out from there easily, wealth and poverty are more intensified, the invisible wall in this city is becoming higher and higher. In the slum of the rio, no one helps the people in there and all the basic things that should be guaranteed for the man kind is thoroughly blocked because of the invisible barriers. The financial and material poverty has invaded deeply into the bone of adults and kids and has accepted as if living as the poor is their destiny. This poverty has been superficially caused as many social problems. Both the poverty which can be showed by the slum of the rio and the crimes that are born by the poverty are blinded by invisible wall due to the fancy cities in the accelerated development of the capitalism. You might think that place like the rio does not exist but it does. Now we all know that the world which cannot be seen due to the huge wall does really exist. The world like the rio city exists everywhere. Only different thing is that it is just really obvious in the rio: the place we all know but can’t be known is the slum like rio. The barrier we made is too high. If we just live our lives divided and live our lives without feeling any guilty or responsibilities, all we can do is leave all the bad aspects behind that wall. It is impossible to deny and destroy the large capitalism society system and make new countermeasure. Yet is it really difficult to make our future better? Is it very hard to help the slum in the rio and make the environment of this city better? My team thinks that we can find and make better future via this suggested design. Let’s start with the water that is basic for all the human beings. First of all, Use recycle design to gather rains and to purify it to utilize it as drinking water. Second, to make a life of the people in the slum better, launch a program to build toilets and rooms for them to be able to take shower. Moreover, we can offer opened educational places like schools to the people. Also this suggested design will not just establish systems and programs but it will also lighten the slum in terms of hope, and future. We are sure that this lamp is going to be a lighthouse for the people in the rio and also going to suggest bright future.


Title: The drops of God

Time: 4 agosto 2013
Category: Rio de Janeiro
Views: 4325 Likes: 6

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