Title: Rapid Growth - Code: 4de7f
Contest: Beijing / 2014
By: nik

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Rapid Growth



Rapid Growth. Which developments might lead into certain visions? Are the major influences already present within our society that will evolve into the cites of the future? A wise collection and combination of technological and social developments of today can paint the picture of our future. We built our vision from the following ideas of current developments. Each theme is described here and can be found within the project panels of our vision. Heritage Cutouts. Buildings are built less expensive and faster. Places that are of importance to our culture and tell us the stories of our past grow more and more important to us. Areas in our cites are marked where no new structures may be raised. In those areas we conserve and restore the buildings and parks of the past. Doorfront Wilderness. As all forms of transporation moved up in the air, no roads where needed anymore. As nature is the greatest Architect it made sense to give the bottom of our cities back to the forest. Periphery main streets became canals for cooling and watering the city. Contemporary Structure. We reached a point when raising a new building became much less expensive then tearing down the old. Maintaining a structure became more reasonable, and on the other hand it became very easy to built new. Algae Pipelines. Green Pipelines run around our cities within Algae is flowing and growing. They produce oxygen, food and biomass for energy and construction material. Transporters Fully automated flying units for transportation of things or yourself. Building Printers. Structures are erected by small robots that can carry material or are building material themselves. The design of buildings reminds us of trees because usually building robots move into a direction where the building grows to. They start at the buttom and built onto each other. They built into the sky, where there is room for expansion and built an intersecting roof above the rest of the city. Human. We become featureless individuals blending into our abstract environment with all connecting integrated interfaces that support our always awaken community.


Title: Rapid Growth

Time: 29 settembre 2014
Category: Beijing
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