Title: Rising Venice - Code: 8J9F7H
Contest: Venice / 2011
By: L. Y. Han / A. See / J. P. Serenio / M. K. Taligatos / C. Yambot / R. Sharma / J. Cannu / R. A. Jimenez

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Rising Venice






We as a nation is defined by our rich history, we understand who we are and how to move forward because of our past. We cannot watch something so significant  to who we are  to just slowly fade away or should we say sink in extinction and lose an important part of ourserlves. In our recent history, we cannot deny the power of  mother nature when she decides to use her power over us. All over the world, we are experiencing huricanes, floods, sink holes, earthquakes and tsunamis. If we are given a chance to save what we can and predict such natural phenomenon, we should seize it and make the most of it. Venice, one of the worlds’ most visited places on earth is now on the verge of being submerged in sea water. As early as now, efforts are being made to protect the city from descending. We are now here to contribute our constructive response to an impending phenomenon on this serious matter.

First we need to identify what we need to preserved, what we can preserved and how we can preserved it. We shall capitalize on the the well being of the local residents of Venice, continue to promote tourism in the city, protect and maintain its archeological value and make it as self sustainable as possible.

We LCDA (Singapore), now lay down our concept for the “Rising Venice”,

Situation 1. Residential Structures/Housing(Local)/Commercial

Solution Layering Mushroom type of Dwelling Units These are jetable dwellings that shall contain the residential and commercial hubs of the “Rising Venice”. These dwelling units are on stilts and shall rise accordingly  when the sea level rises. The whole city shall be protected by an encompassing dam(retaining wall), with operable louvers that shall serve as a relief vent to maintain equal water pressure between the enclosed city and the sea.

-The energy generated by the water pressure at the relief vent can be utilized to provide electricity for the city as well as windmills and solar panels.

-All the basic needs of the people shall be built here like schools, libraries, entertainment areas and support facilities like hospitals etc.

-The concept is derived from the Archimedes’ Principle.


2. Historical Sites and Tourist Spots


Snowball -These are glass enclosures supported by metal framing that shall enveloped the historical sites which we have identified and will preserve. The snowballs shal have “submerging respiratory tubes” that rise above the water surface for oxygen and air exchange. These historical sites can be accesed through diving and submarines for under water tour or by vertical extensions of the stilts. Marine life shall also be encourage to grow in the walled city.


3. Sustainability

Residential and Commercial Structures

Solution -The gardens in the Layering Mushrooms shall serve as a place for planting of endemic plants and herding of animals for food.

- Layering  Mushrooms shall also accomodate hotels and restaurants for the tourist. Museums is also present on the mushroom stilts, but if people wants to view and experience the city as it was before, they can access  through the vertical links from the Layering  Mushrooms to the Snowballs

All the other needs of the city shall be transported by air or by sea

Waste management system shall be incorporated within the dam to generate necessary power and recycle food base for the marine life.



Title: Rising Venice

Time: 7 giugno 2011
Category: Venice
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